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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Holly & Tate’s Prom Passion, Parent Crashes Teens’ First Time?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Tate Black (Leo Howard) and Holly Jonas (Ashley Puzemis) plan on spending prom together despite what their parents say. Tate gets some help leaving the dance from Aaron Greene (Louis Tomero). Then, Holly shows up at a door, which Tate opens. The two soon share a passionate kiss.

However, the teens’ bliss is doomed to be crushed. Keep reading to find out what could happen next with Salem’s teen scene.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Nicole Walker-DiMera Gives In

DOOL spoilers reveal that Nicole Walker-DiMera (Arianne Zucker) initially banned Holly from attending any nighttime activities. This includes attending the high school prom. Holly fought her mother on this, but Nicole stood firm.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Holly & Tate’s Prom Passion, Parent Crashes Teens’ First Time?

Nicole reasoned that the last time she trusted Holly at a nighttime school activity, she landed in a coma. Holly responded by telling Nicole that she wanted to have normal teenage experiences. Nicole still wouldn’t budge, though.

Since Holly ends up going to prom and is wearing a dress, Nicole must change her mind at some point.

DOOL Spoilers – Prom Chaperones

One caveat of Nicole’s agreement might have to do with the prom chaperones. Holly’s mother is worried about her safety. Meanwhile, Tate’s parents don’t want another repeat of what happened last time, either.

Since Holly still can’t remember the boy’s name at the school who gave her the drugs, there is additional concern during prom.

So, that might explain why Brady Black) and Theresa Donovan (Emily O’Brien) are serving as chaperones at the dance. That way, Brady and Theresa know that Tate is safe. At the same time, Nicole trusts Brady and knows he will also keep an eye on Holly.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Tate Black’s Great Prom Escape

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that during the week of June 17, 2024, Holly and Tate still won’t be able to attend prom together. So, they will go with the original plan… Tate goes with Sophia Choi (Madelyn Kientz) while Holly’s date will be Aaron.

However, that is when a preview clip shows Aaron helping Tate out at prom. It seems that Aaron lets Tate know the coast is clear, most likely when Brady and Theresa are looking the other way.

Then, Tate opens a door to see a dressed-up Holly. The two share a passionate kiss. However, this scheme seems to have a crushing feel to it.

DOOL Spoilers – Brady Black’s Break-In

Holly and Tate might think they are alone. Holly and Tate will probably take things a step further than a kiss. As the two close the door, they could get a rude awakening.

When Holly and Tate both disappear from prom, it won’t take Brady long to figure out they’re together. If Brady and Theresa get mad enough, they could just scare the truth out of Aaron and Sophia.

That could lead to Brady and Theresa busting in on Tate and Holly’s first time together. All of the parents will probably continue to ban the teens’ romance. However, that could just lead to more scheming and secrets, so stay tuned!

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