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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Monday, August 5: Ted Dies – Gabi Drops A Bomb- Rex Fumes – Stefan’s Morbid Discovery

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Monday, August 5: Ted Dies - Gabi Drops A Bomb- Rex Fumes – Stefan's Morbid DiscoveryDays of Our Lives spoilers for Monday August 5 tease that Ted Laurant’s (Gilles Marini) luck runs out when he runs in to Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) and Tony Dimera (Thaao Penghlis).

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Ted Laurant Dies

Kristen Dimera (Stacy Haiduk) who is posing as Nicole will be fed up with Ted sticking his nose in her business and will shoot him dead. Afterward, Kristen will decide to frame Stefan Dimera (Brandon Barash) to get rid of him. Will Stefan go down for Ted’s murder? Will Kristen’s identity ever be discovered?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Gabi Drops A Bombshell

Days of Our Lives Gabi Dimera (Camila Banus) has conned Stefan Dimera (Brandon Barash) into marrying her to save Dimera Enterprises. Stefan has no idea that Gabi is trying to take him for everything he has, including the company he is working so hard to save.

After their wedding, Gabi ordered Stefan to get out of her house. However, Gabi will drop the bombshell on Stefan that she only married him for revenge and plans to have it all. Gabi will try to get rid of Stefan and keep Kristen from taking over Dimera. Will Gabi realize that she has feelings for Stefan and try to make amends? Will Stefan use the prenup to get out of his marriage to Gabi? Could Kristen follow through with her threat to kill Gabi as she has planned and take over Dimera herself?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Rex Fumes

Days of Our Lives Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder) is furious with Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) and Sarah Brady (Linsey Godfrey). Eric thought he was doing the right thing by not asking on his feelings for Sarah, but Rex disagrees. Rex believes that Sarah and Eric should have been honest about their feelings for each other.

Nicole Walker’s (Arianne Zucker) return threw a wrench in Sarah and Rex’s confession plans. Sarah thought she could make her marriage to Rex work, but now that she has called Rex by Eric’s name, he is furious. Rex blames Eric for this whole mess and will eventually leave town because of it. Will they ever be close again?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Stefan Finds Ted’s Body

Days of Our Lives Stefan is stunned by Gabi’s confession and demands that Stefan leave the house. Kristen has killed Ted and gone out of her way to make sure Stefan gets the blame. Stefan will find the body which will put him on police radar and lead to his arrest for murder.

Will Gabi have a change of heart and back up her man? Will Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) find Ted’s killer and clear Stefan’s name? Will Hope also be the one who discovers that Stefan didn’t kidnap Ted or Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow)? Hope will enlist John Black’s (Drake Hogestyn) help in finding the truth, will they discover Kristen’s involvement as well?

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  1. Guest says

    Not sad to see him go,just wish he could take Gabby,Kristin,And Sarah with him.This show has gotten so cringe worthy it’s unbearable to watch. Get done with the Nichole Kristin story which is the dumbest one yet,and there have been some really dumb ones.Can’t imagine why these actors would want to be part of anything so stupid!

  2. Guest says

    Not sad to see Ted go, storyline is awful, not a great actor for a soap opera, he was better in Switched at Birth.

    Hope’s character has gone from strong independent woman to mousey, needy, lost woman. WHY???? Got to have another Bo but more mature now.

    Eric’s character is just awful. Liked him better when he was involved with Jennifer. Now just hits on all his brother’s wives!!!
    Ridiculous . Once,maybe , but twice now!!! Storylines are repetitive, back from the dead, missing babies, and everyone in Salem seems to get way with murder!!

    Writers have to get back in the studio and write more realistic plots.

    Like real life stuff, eg: immigration issue, alcoholism, mental health. Good storylines.

  3. Guest says

    No, I’m not!

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