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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Wally Kurth Talks Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith Leaving DOOL

As Chandler Massey leaves the role of Will and Freddie Smith leaves the role of Sonny, their cast mate speaks about their departure.

Last week, both Freddie Smith (Sonny) and Chandler Massey (Will) released the news of their departure from Days of Our Lives. Their close cast-mate, Wally Kurth (Justin) spoke of the two actors and their leaving.

Interview with Wally Kurth

Wally Kurth, who plays Justin on Days of Our Lives, was recently interviewed by Michael Fairman TV. Wally said he is sad to see Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey leave the soap, saying the “two wonderful actors” and “terrific young men,” consistently gave their best work to the soap. Wally’s character, Justin, works closely with the two daytime Emmy award winners on the show.

Fans have watched Wally’s performance alongside Smith and Massey in the recent storyline that led to the death of Adrienne (Judi Evans) in a car crash, for which Chandler’s character Will was sent to prison.

After hearing last week from both actors of their impending departure from Days of Our Lives, fans have responded by launching a petition to keep Sonny and Will on the soap. On top of this, there is the very public support of Kurth, as he thanks the talented actors for everything they have done for the show over the years.

Wally Kurth tweets about Sonny and Will

Kurth made a post on Twitter over the past weekend, where he reinforced the fact that both Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey are “wonderful actors” and “terrific young men.” Wally wrote that both actors always gave their best, making @nbcdays the best the soap had ever been. He said he will truly miss working with Freddie and Chandler and is looking forward to their return.

Days of Our Lives fans will have to wait and see to find out whether Freddie and Chandler’s roles will be reprised in future episodes of the NBC soap. Keep watching Days of Our Lives on the NBC network to find out what happens next.

  1. Guest says

    Good actors–understand if story dictated. Think writer did them and others a disservice by failing to provide growth for character or couple. What is sad is how they found out–that should never happen! I say keep one of them (Chandler better actor of the two) let Wally go and a few others (such as Roman, Abe, Kate) free up space and bring in a few younger/mid range demo. Some story arcs are like spin cycle and fresh blood would be good. Bring back Joey, etc.

  2. Guest says

    Hate the way they were let go!!! No way to treat great actors who were important characters. Totally upset about JJ and Rafe leaving too. Then you bring in horrible characters like Orpheus. Writers/directors are insane!

  3. Guest says

    I am very upset about Chandler and Freddy leaving. Bring them back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Guest says

    Are you upset that DOOL let Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith go? Make sure to comment in our Celebrating The Soaps community!
    Just how many blunders are the executive going to allow head writer Ron C. make ???!?!??! He has ruined DOOL as we all once knew & enjoyed it, now he gets rid of long time characters like Judi Evans (Adrianne/Bonnie) and Chandler Massey (Will Horton) and Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis). And Casey Moss (JJ) left on his own, smart guy, he saw how low DOOL was sinking so he abandoned ship… good for you JJ/Casey Moss, at least it was your decision.

  5. Guest says

    Yes I am . They need to bring back sonny and will . They are very good actors . I been watching this show sence I was 16 with my ma . Now it as been 42 years . Now I am not having much interest in Day “s of our lives . They need to bring them back all the good actors are leaving sonny and will and rafe . And all the other ones there killing off the show . ;(((

  6. Guest says


  7. Guest says


  8. Guest says

    At least JJ / Casey Moss made the decision to leave DOOL on his own. As far as Sonny & Will, that was a horrible way to find out you are fired by reading their damn scripts… shame on the DOOL executives

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