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Why Days Of Our Lives Needs Bo And Hope More Than Ever Before

Days of Our Lives fans were up in arms last year when Bo and Hope finally returned to the Salem scene (sort of — they were in Greece) and then didn’t get their happily-ever-after.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers -Drops The Ball

DAYS fans waited eight years to see their favorite pair together again and all we got was Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) wanting to kill Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso) on a green screen mountain and a few dream sequences in which we could pretend Fancy Face and her hero were finally reunited for real.

Just as Bo finally remembered his love for Hope, their son Shawn-Douglas Brady (Brandon Beemer) shot him in the back thinking he was saving his mother’s life. He had no idea Hope had just had a breakthrough.

Why Days Of Our Lives Needs Bo And Hope More Than Ever Before

Now, nearly a year later, Bo still lingers in a coma with Hope by his side. Shawn and Belle Black Brady (Martha Madison) are with them, but Shawn is also battling his demons and alcoholism. So much for a happy ending.

DOOL Spoilers – Still Has A Chance To Set Things Right

Since Bo is still alive (after being dead since 2015), all DAYS has to do is somehow work out a deal for Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell to return and wake Bo up. Right now, an epic romance is sorely needed in Salem.

The current newer pairings are lackluster and our old favorite couples are happily married and not doing anything that supercouples would do anymore.

One can put Bo and Hope with those older couples in time, but right now, a Bo and Hope reunion would finally get people streaming this 58-year-old soap again.

Many viewers tuned out when Bo and Hope’s reunion disappointed them, but DAYS can make up for that if it really wants to.

We could even get Miranda Wilson’s Megan DiMera back for a time as she is always good for a few laughs.

Seeing Bo and Hope fight the enemy together and then settling into old married life again is everything a DAYS fan wants — and it is also something Peter Reckell wants as he makes no secret of that on social media.

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  1. Linda graham says

    I am 71 and have spent my life with Days but Hope and Bo left the show on their own, and I think it has been a long time and they need to stay away.

  2. Patricia May says

    I am 84 and was pregnant with my son when I first started watching Days. My kids still make fun of me but I don’t care. Many of the original cast members have left us and although the story lines have changed, I still think the old can and should be mixed in. I for one hope that they bring Hope and Bo back and their children.

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