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Barron Trump Trying To Distance Himself From His Father Donald Trump?

Sometimes one picture can certainly tell a story with more than a thousand words. And that seems to be the case in a new photograph that was taken of Barron Trump standing next to his father, Donald Trump.

One body language expert says that Barron looks like he would rather be anywhere else than next to his famous presidential father in the photo.

And there seems to be a good reason behind it, too. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News – Barron Trump Trying To Distance Himself From His Father Donald Trump?

What kind of relationship does Donald Trump have with his son, Barron Trump? That’s what many fans want to know. And it seems like it’s one that is full of distance, and maybe even a little animosity.

Barron Trump Trying To Distance Himself From His Father Donald Trump?

That’s because Barron looks like he wants to be his own person and of course, not be compared to his famous father. 

In an interview with The Mirror, body language expert Judi James put it this way, “Barron’s body language has now evolved into something fascinating in terms of power and self-perception. His previous signals of shyness or awkwardness appear to have vanished totally here.

He stands in the center of one group like the high-status hub and when he poses alongside his father he makes no visual concession to Trump’s alpha status or presidential power pose.”

Celeb News – What’s Really Going On With Barron Trump?

And while Donald Trump is someone who wants to look like he’s always confident and in control, it seems like Barron has taken after his mother Melania Trump by maintaining both calm and collected.

James said, “Barron looks keen to avoid looking like a chip off the old block in terms of his father. Melania is often said to be promoting a more presidential look for her husband and that’s what Barron seems to have adopted with this more serious look.

He stands with a foot splay that signals steady confidence and some suggestion of power, with his hands clasped in front of his torso. His gaze to camera looks steady and uncompromising and he apparently feels no pressure to smile or to showboat like his dad is doing.”

So far the Trumps have not made any comments about the matter.

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