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General Hospital Genie Francis On Luke Spencer’s Death ‘No One Stays Dead On A Soap’

General Hospital: Genie FrancisGeneral Hospital spoilers and updates reveal fans find it hard to believe that Luke Spencer (ex-Tony Geary) is actually dead. It seems that Genie Francis, who plays Luke’s ex-wife, Laura Collins agrees.

General Hospital Spoilers – Genie Francis Speaks Out

General Hospital’s Genie recently spoke out about the storyline of Luke’s death. Genie agrees with a lot of General Hospital fans. It is hard to believe that the great Luke Spencer died in an accident. Luke has been in so many scrapes that should have gotten him killed that falling for a Cassadine trick is just too much to believe. Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) claims to be behind the “accident” that killed Luke. Genie goes on to say that no one stays dead on a soap opera and admits that she isn’t sure how many times her character has been killed. Of course, Genie’s character, Laura will be at the memorial along with Luke’s friends and family. Could Luke be in attendance himself?

GH Spoilers – Tracy Quartermaine Is Acting Shady

General Hospital’s Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) came to Port Charles to let everyone know that Luke had been killed in a cable car accident. However, Tracy was eager to rush back to Amsterdam instead of staying near her family for support. Tracy insisted that she had to get back to take care of Luke’s affairs. What could be so pressing that Tracy doesn’t take time to grieve for the man she has loved for years? Did Luke catch on to Victor’s plan and fake his death to take him down? Has Luke outsmarted Victor once again?

General Hospital Spoilers – Other Actors Agree

General Hospital’s Luke has been larger than life for years. Fans and actors alike believe there is more to the story. Finola Hughes, who plays Anna Devane, hopes this leaves a mystery for her and Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) to solve. Tristan doesn’t want to believe that Luke has ended this way either. Tristan says they have an urn and that’s it. Luke may not have been meant to be a long-term character, but he ended up being a fan favorite and has been around for years. Is it possible that Luke could end this way?

Jackie Zeman (Bobbie Spencer) hopes that this is a fluke and her tv brother will reappear soon. Genie adds, “I feel like they’re setting the stage, really, for a wonderful comeback, and I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for that.” Is Francis right about Luke? Do the fans already know what is to come with this storyline?

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  1. lbc says

    First of all, how in the world were there ashes to scatter anywhere as the story was told that the body was not retrieved??
    Doesn't make much sense, and no one in PC picked up on that piece of the story. Don't believe that if the Luke character was killed off, there wouldn't have been a much better send off. So, now we have Willow, plus Laura/Kevin going over seas just a hop and skip from where Luke's accident occurred leaves questions There was no need in my mind to bring Jennifer Smith back even to attend a memorial for Luke. She has been off canvas for so long most don't even remember or know what part she played in Luke's life. Before starting new stories, long awaited conclusions of stories that have been on canvas almost forever need to be put forth and not just add to the confusion.

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