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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Maurice Benard, Laura Wright Tease “Great Stuff Coming”

General Hospital; Maurice Benard, Laura Wright General Hospital spoilers show Maurice Benard and Laura Wright promised their fans “great stuff coming” to “General Hospital.” Fans have been wondering when they would see Sonny Corinthos, played by Benard, be back to his old self. They want to see him reunite with his wife, Carly Corinthos, portrayed by Wright, who took up the role of the mob boss while her husband is away.

General Hospital News – Sonny Corinthos As Mike In Nixon Falls

Viewers know that Sonny has lost his memories and is currently living as Mike in Nixon Falls. He has no idea that his real family and loved ones are in Port Charles. Although it seems like he’s loving his new life, fans are eager to see the old Sonny back.

GH Spoilers News – Maurice Benard’s Exciting New Role

For Benard, he’s having fun playing his new character. He knows most people are not fans of change but playing Mike is an exciting experience for him.

“I can imagine people don’t like change,” Benard said in a tweet.

“But after playing the same character for 28 years, I’m having a lot of fun,” he added.

General Hospital News Laura Wright Roots For Maurcie Bernard As Mike

Wright also loves to see a different side of Benard. “I love watching you!” she said.

“You’re a star, my friend! You make a black cowboy hat look good!” she continued.

Both Benard and Wright understand the frustration of the viewers. They urged them to be patient. They explained that as the story progresses, Sonny will eventually regain his memories.

“At some point, Sonny/Mike is going to get his memory back,” Benard teased.

“And we’re gonna have a hell of a lot to play. Big time.” He added.

Furthermore, Carly will be very happy once she finds out that her husband is alive. Wright is excited and said, “I can’t wait.”

“Such great stuff coming — gotta keep the faith. This is how great stories and performances are birthed,” she continued.

GH Spoilers – Carly Corinthos – As The New Mob Queen

For now, Carly will continue as the mob queen. She’ll toss threats around to remind people not to mess with the Corinthos. Sonny may be gone but she’s not someone they’d want to cross. Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) will be furious when Carly makes it clear that she’s taking over the reins in the Corinthos organization.

Is Carly in over her head in the way she handled Cyrus? She may look confident, tough, and strong outside but she’s definitely feeling the weight of Sonny’s absence deep inside. Is she ready to take them on? Or will she crumble eventually? Fans just have to wait and see how the story unfolds.


  1. Guest says

    Long overdue Sonny needs to go home.And Nina to go down she has kept Sonny away from his family and she is selfish by not telling Sonny who he is.Nina only cares about herself I would never let her near Wiley after this.

  2. Pat Mitchell Bryant says

    I can't wait too. Although I am enjoying Carly. I want her to stay strong and move into her new place. She can do it.

  3. Guest says

    I can appreciate Mo enjoying a different role, BUT to GH fans HE IS SONNY!! PERIOD!! This story has already been playing out for Months now and it REALLY TRULY NEEDS TO END! I’ve lost interest after more than 35 years and absolutely want the REAL GH and the REAL CHARACTERS back in Port Charles!

  4. Guest says


  5. Guest says

    Hope Sonny comes back soon. Carly can hold it together for so long. Nina needs to be found out. Can’t wait for it to be all over. Sonny come home!!!!!

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