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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Nina Blames Carly For Her Lies – Is She Right?

General Hospital: Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) is blaming Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) for her decision to stay quiet about Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard). Is Nina right to blame Carly or is this all on her mental state?

General Hospital Spoilers – Carly Corinthos Was There When Nelle Benson Died

Yes, General Hospital’s Carly was there when Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) died. However, Carly did try to save Nelle. Carly also wanted to call the cops but Jasper “Jax” Jacks stopped her. Carly was all about doing the right thing when it came to Nelle’s fall. Carly also had no idea at the time that Nina was Nelle’s mother. Carly didn’t stay quiet out of malice. Carly had already spent months in Ferncliff because of Nelle and was afraid that would happen again. However, Carly did not have this fear until Jax instilled it in her. As much as Carly hated Nelle, she did try to save her. Carly is not usually cruel enough to kill someone in cold blood, although Nelle deserved it.

GH Spoilers – Nina Reeves Was Banned From Wiley Quartetmaine Corinthos

General Hospital’s Nina blamed Carly more than anyone for being banned from Wiley Corinthos’ (Caleb and Kyler Ends) life. After all, Nina is one who upset him over his mother’s identity. Willow adopted Wiley some ago. Of course, Carly pushed for this because Nina hurt Wiley and his family. Carly was glad that Nelle was not in Wiley’s life because she had done nothing but hurt him and his family. Carly encouraged Michael to keep Nina away from Wiley but does that mean Carly is to blame. The fact that Jax blackmailed Michael into letting Nina into Wiley’s life does not make him right.

General Hospital Spoilers  – Nina Reeves Did This Out Of Spite

General Hospital’s Nina kept Sonny hidden out of spite. Nina’s first instinct was to tell Carly the truth. However, she didn’t because of Carly’s attitude toward her. However, Nina could have called at any time afterward and told the truth. Nina could have told Michael the truth when he invited her back to visit Wiley. Nina’s only excuse is that she stayed quiet out of spite to Carly. Is Carly’s reaction to Nina reason enough to keep Sonny hidden from his family?

Carly may have had gotten rude with Nina on the phone. However, Nina knew that what she was doing was wrong in every sense of the word. Nina endangered many lives and allowed Carly to marry Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) knowing that Sonny was alive. Nina can blame Carly all she wants but her reasoning boils down to Nina wanting everything that Carly. Will Carly shut her down for good?

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  1. Guest says

    With NINA REEVES It's
    Always Someone Else's
    Fault, She Never Takes
    Her Own Bad Decisions,
    So Much Like Her Daughter
    NELLE. Maybe She Wouldn't
    Be In So Much Trouble If
    She Told CARLY Where
    SONNY Was, & She Had
    No Business Falling For
    MIKE/SONNY In The 1st
    Place, So Any Flack NINA
    Gets She Deserves. Maybe
    It's Time MONICA Is Told
    & She Sits NINA Down For
    A Heart To Heart, She Gets
    Through To Most People
    When They Need To Hear
    A Dose Of REALITY, &
    NINA Needs It Now.

  2. Guest says

    Nina needs to stop blaming everyone for her own lies.She knew what she was doing was wrong but she didn't care.She only thought of herself and what she wanted.She needs to be held accountable now.

  3. Guest says

    Nina is a bad person Carley need to really get her for what she has done why fall in love with Sonny knowing it's wrong not you want to blame Carley

  4. Guest says

    Very selfish, only thinking of herself not the children who lost their father. No excuse for being so self centered.

  5. Guest says

    Nina blames everyone but herself.should have got help when she came out of a comma.has had issues with. not feel sorry for her

  6. Guest says

    Nina needs to check herself into a mental facility and settle in for a very long stay. She never got over what her mother did and the subsequent fallout.

    She is the only one responsible for her own actions she can’t blame Carly for this.

    Smike will make sure she gets off lightly.

  7. Guest says

    No it's not Carly's fault but Nina's. I'm about sick of Nina and this whole story line. Put her crazy self in fercliff where she belongs.

  8. Guest says

    Nina is so so wrong, she had many opportunities to tell Carly and her family about Sonny, hoping Carly will make Nina regret her actions, but first Carly should have smacked her silly. Nina does not need access to Wiley, because she will say something again about Nell being his mother. jaxs and all those that were friendly with Nina or what ever should also turn their backs on her, but I think Willow Ms. Goody-to-Shoes will go against the family for not allowing Nina to see Wiley. Willow can also work your last nerve sometime. Jax really need to go he's useless, the writers really don't know what to do with him, he should go back to Australia and stay for good. Nina need to pay big time, whatever actions taken against her make it really hard for her. Maxie, also need to mind her business, she's got a whole lot on her plate she's got to deal with the lies she has told everybody. It is not going to be that easy for Maxie to get her baby back, even though she can prove the baby is hers Valentine is going to freak out over this. Maxie isn't playing with a full deck anyway.

  9. Guest says

    Nina needs to take a good look in the mirror. I hope Sonny and Carly get back to the way they were. It wasn't right with her and Jason or Sonny a.k.a. Mike and Nina. Nina needs to be held accountable for her actions.

  10. Guest says

    Can't Get Out Of Her Own Way.
    She Lies,Schemes, & BLAMES
    Others For The Problems She
    Causes Herself, She's Totally
    Annoying, If She Doesn't STOP
    Everyone In PORT CHARLES
    Will STOP Having Anything
    To Do With Her, & Will Ignor
    Her Like Her EVIL CHILD
    NELLE, You Know What They
    PEAS IN A POD!!!

  11. lbc says

    In my humble opinion, there is no way that Nina has a leg to stand on when it comes to keeping the information that Sonny was alive and well with amnesia regardless of anything Carly may have done especially since she was fuming about not being able to see Wiley. It is definitely a tit for tac which was very childish again in my opinion, but I am not a soap character that has to bring so called drama to a story line.

  12. lbc says

    I too feel that Nina should be held accountable, but don't really know what can be done under the circumstances of her misdeed. Don't believe there is anything legal involved, so just what would be a just punishment for her?

  13. Guest says

    All NINA NEEDS Is To Be
    Given A Good Swift Tick
    In The Pants, & Have Dr
    MONICA Q Have A Long, Long Talk With Her &
    Be Told What's What,
    NINA Has No Say In The
    Raise Him, & If They Don't
    Want NINA In WILEY'S Life
    She Has No SAY, His Birth
    Mom Is No Longer Around
    (Thank Heavens) & It's
    A Privledge To See MICHAELS
    Son Not NINA'S Right.

  14. stetny says

    Nina needs to pay for all of her actions. She should never be allowed to see Wiley again; what if she tries to kidnap him? Not beyond other stuff she has pulled. Willow also needs to get a grip if she tries to talk Michael into granting visitation rights to Wiley.
    Sonny should not let her get off lightly; but more important for Sonny is telling Carly everything that happened an finding out exactly who Esme is and what she's trying to do. He usually has an incredible sense of who people are; if Esme has managed to fool him, it (for this fan) is unbelievable. He needs to apologize to Nikolas; bring Ava back (after finding out Avery was threatened); and he should be told about Kiki's badge shown by Esme.
    Please, writers, Jason and Britt need to go and find Liesl and Drew.
    Maxie and Spinelli – fantastic; Maxie should get her baby back, but at the same time, Peter has to go permanently.

  15. Guest says

    Put her anywhere Outside of PC forever

  16. Guest says

    While Nina was 200% wrong in doing what she did by keeping her from Wiley isn't the right thing to do. Should she have to face the music in doing what she did, of course, but trying to blame everyone else is TOTALLY WRONG and she shoudl be punished legally. !!

  17. Meowmeow123 says

    Yes please Ferncliff now!

  18. Guest says

    There’s no excuse for what Nina did. She kept Sonny from his family and that wasn’t right. She claims it was for love of Mike but it was just for spite! She knew it was wrong but she thought only of herself! I don’t or won’t blame Carly for keeping her from seeing Wiley! I have a feeling tho that there will be a problem with Sonny and Carly who really wants Jason and Sonny just might end up back with Nina. Hope not! I want Jason with Britt.

  19. Guest says

    I feel that Carly does no wrong how could she had fallen for Jason if any that quick when she claimed 2 love Sonny?? Hmm i like Nina everyone always steps on her she needs to fight back now

  20. Guest says

    Nina is so full of herself she cant tell good from bad. She is trying to put all her actions off on others to justify her own actions. Thats not right. Nina deserves what she is and will get. She needs to be true to herself and others and stop being so selfish. she still wont let go of her imaginary Mike.

  21. Guest says

    Nina knew full well Carly is always a b**** to her.
    She also knew the family was mourning a dead Sonny.
    She could have yelled,”Be quiet! You want to hear this!”
    Those 9 months weren’t Carly’s fault.
    Nina brought all this on herself.

  22. Guest says

    That wacko has No One to blame but HERSELF! So incredibly tired of the writing the past year and the way stories are dragged out month after month instead wrapping one up and starting a new one. It’s really exhausting after awhile and Definitely Not entertaining

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