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General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Cooper Gets Fresh Start When GH Returns?

General Hospital: Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) could get out of jail when General Hospital returns to airing new episodes. GH fans know that Brad was put away in Pentonville Prison for his role in Nelle Benson’s (Chloe Lanier) horrific baby-swapping scheme. However, some believe that Brad’s story isn’t over yet.

General Hospital Spoilers – Parry Shen Tweets

One of the first indications GH viewers have gotten in quite some time that Brad Cooper could make a return to General Hospital was a Tweet, Parry Shen put out recently. In the Tweet, Parry wrote: “If Brad ever gets out of prison, one of his dreams might open his own Fish N Chip shop someday.” The text was in connection to a photo of Parry in front of a fish place in Pismo Beach, CA called … you guessed it … “Brad’s.”

Of course, this is hardly proof positive that Brad’s days in Pentonville are numbered and that he’s about to be a free man. However, there are some compelling arguments for why Brad could be walking around Port Charles with a smile on his face in the near future.

GH Spoilers – Lawyers Use Brad Cooper

One of the most obvious ways that Brad might find himself walking free despite his guilty plea, is if Michael Corinthos’s (Chad Duell) horrible attorney, Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) figures out that she could perhaps offer Brad a little something in return for testifying against Nelle during Michael and Nelle’s current child custody battle. In exchange for Brad’s testimony, perhaps Diane can find a way to miraculously have all charges against Brad dropped … or at the very least have his sentence commuted … or lessened in some way.

Of course, this might then cause Brad to become a target of either Nelle or Julian Jerome (William deVry) or both. In that case, Brad might have been safer as a prisoner in Pentonville. On the other hand, some might argue that as long as Brad implicates Nelle but leaves Julian out of the picture … well, Julian has his own reasons to want to see Nelle go down. He might very well see Brad’s testimony in that case as a gift from above.

General Hospital Spoilers – Brad Cooper Tries For A New Life

Whether or not producers will want to see Brad’s story continue after using him as a means of bringing down Nelle is an open question. If there is enough interest, then it’s possible the GH writers will put some effort into redeeming Brad. GH viewers might then see Brad try to get his job back, or perhaps even go back to the university in order to up his game.

GH viewers know that Brad won’t be able to have little Wiley Cooper-Jones (Erik and Theo Olson) back in his life no matter how much he might wish he could. It’s likewise a very remote (next to impossible) possibility that Brad could get back together with his former husband, Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes).

Therefore, if Brad’s story is to continue on GH, writers are going to have to get creative as fans look to see how Brad rebuilds his life.

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