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General Hospital Spoilers: Carly’s Marriage Breaks, Trust Destroyed By Sonny’s Lies

General Hospital: Carly Corinthos’ (Laura WrightGeneral Hospital spoilers reveal that Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) will have to tell the court about Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Nina Reeves’ (Cynthia Watros) romance. However, Carly Corinthos’ (Laura Wright) marriage won’t suffer because of what happened, but due to Sonny’s lies. Will Carly ever trust her husband again or is the damage permanent?

General Hospital Spoilers – Scott Baldwin’s Victory

GH spoilers reveal that Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) urged Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) to find a way to call Willow to the stand without it affecting her relationship with Nina. Scott has figured out how to do that, which is using Michael Corinthos’ alleged “bribery” as a reason to question Willow. Once Willow is on the stand, Scott will lead the questioning to Sonny and Nina’s real relationship in Nixon Falls.

It is teased that Scott and Liesl celebrate a victory, so it sounds as if the strategy works.

GH Spoilers – Nina Reeves’ Apologetic

In the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, Watros explained that Nina has the opportunity to free herself from these criminal charges. However, she’s not using it because that means the secret will come out. Nina isn’t necessarily afraid of being strangled by Carly, but is worried about how it will affect Sonny.

Even though some fans might doubt this, Nina is thinking about the well-being of Sonny and his family. Despite the volatile relationship between the two women, Nina is even trying to think about Carly’s well-being because she is important to Sonny. So, when the truth comes out, Nina will be free but will be apologetic to Sonny. Nina never meant for the secret to come out, especially in this way.

General Hospital Spoilers – Sonny Corinthos Tries To Explain

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sonny tries to explain to his family. The people that will be the angriest about the bombshell testimony are Carly and Michael. Willow likely will try to explain her keeping this secret to Michael. Then, Carly will react to Nina taking advantage of Sonny in a romantic sense. After she gets over that initial shock, Carly will demand answers from Sonny as to why he failed to mention this to her.

Ever since Sonny came back, Carly has tried to ask him questions, including why he seems to defend Nina. So, Sonny had a lot of opportunities to tell Carly the truth and never did. Sonny can justify it all he wants, but secrets and lies only get worse the longer they are kept.

GH Spoilers – Rebuilding Trust

Sonny and Carly’s marriage could take a big hit. Carly would have understood that Sonny was a victim in Nixon Falls. Carly would likely call Nina a predator and of course, Sonny never actually slept with her. That, along with having amnesia, would have Carly blaming Nina and not Sonny. The problem in this situation is that Sonny never told Carly the truth, which makes her wonder what else Sonny’s lied about. The trust will be broken and Carly will need to think about whether she can ever trust Sonny again.

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