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General Hospital Spoilers: Dante And Chase Collaborate On An Investigation-Who Killed Austin?

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) will collaborate on an investigation. Dante gets some disturbing news, and he and Chase are off on a search for a missing Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) and find him shot-who killed him?

General Hospital Spoilers – Austin Gatlin-Holt Was Going To Flip On Mason Gatlin’s Boss

Dante had pretty well figured out that Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Grey) wasn’t the only Gatlin in the family business, although Austin was going to flip on Mason’s boss.

He had asked questions about the illegal operations Austin had been doing in an operating room in the hospital, and confronted Austin with it-Dante had proof.

General Hospital Spoilers: Dante And Chase Collaborate On An Investigation-Who Killed Austin?


Chase had been the one questioning Mason following his capture after kidnapping and nearly killing Ava Jerome (Maura West) and Dante had told Austin he could save himself if he flipped.

Dante also had information that Mason had visited Austin in the hospital many times, and one “patient” of theirs had wound up shot in an alley.

Perhaps that patient was going to flip on all of them, his killer was never found although a hit was suspected, having been ordered by their boss.

GH Spoilers – Austin Gatlin-Holt Never Called Back

When Austin came back to talk to Dante he was going to flip on the boss but he wanted an immunity deal.

Dante okayed it with District Attorney Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) but when he called Austin, he never called back.

Dante remembered that Austin was afraid he’d be a dead man if anyone found out he’d gone to the police.

After the hospital reported he never came into work and his patients were farmed out to other doctors, a search was begun in earnest.

Chase and Dante head out to Pautauk, and look in the houses Austin had owned there-and find his house, and him, shot dead.

General Hospital Spoilers – No Bullet Casings, No Prints, No Proof

The county sheriff coordinates with the PCPD on this investigation, since Pautauk is out in the county-a small town a little bit smaller than Beecher’s Corners.

There, the combined forensic team finds no bullet casings, no prints, no proof who took out Austin, and as questioning begins in the local area, they find Austin had no enemies.

Dante did find that that security cameras that were in the house when he was looking for Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and her newborn were missing; they had been uninstalled.

Whoever killed Austin must have either been someone he knew or an unknown to anyone else guest in his house, because there were no signs of a break in. Or, perhaps a hit man assigned by the boss to follow Austin around forced him inside.

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