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General Hospital Spoilers: Diane Advises Sonny Doesn’t Marry Nina — And Remarries Carly Instead!

General Hospital spoilers claim Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) has Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) back, but that doesn’t mean getting him out of these charges is going to be the cakewalk it often has been in the past. Federal charges of this nature that paint him as some sort of domestic terrorist working against the safety of the entire nation are above and beyond what she’s used to defending him from.

Moreover, video footage of Sonny’s crimes and involvement with Pikeman — a federal defense contractor — is pretty unsinkable. Diane may soon have to resort to doing all she can to make sure every shred of evidence the prosecution might be able to use against Sonny remains on their side. One of the biggest risks to his case is what the state might be able to do to turn Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) against him. When Diane suggests there is only one way to make sure they remain a united front, no one is going to like it.

General Hospital Spoilers — Nina Wants to Move Up the Wedding

Nina is worried about what may come of the family and everyone close to Sonny without the security that his enterprise provides.

General Hospital Spoilers: Diane Advises Sonny Doesn’t Marry Nina — And Remarries Carly Instead!

If it looks like Sonny is going to be spending the rest of his years behind bars, the loyalty he thought his team had toward him will surely dissipate — rapidly.

Nina is trying to bring herself up to speed on the reality of the future she may not have with the mobster.

At the same time, she doesn’t want to let go of the one they’re planning on. Will Sonny agree to get married — right now?

GH Spoilers Spill Diane Wants Sonny to Marry Someone Else

Sonny might agree to Nina’s proposal, but that doesn’t mean they’ll make it down the jail cell aisle together anytime soon — not if Diane has anything to say about it.

Sonny keeps her around to be on top of the sharpest strategies that keep him and his business out of trouble, although she hasn’t much more knowledge about it than Nina does, and prefers it that way as well.

If anyone should be able to relate to Nina, it’s Diane, but it won’t feel like they’re on the same wavelength when Sonny’s hot shot attorney tells him his best option is not to marry Nina, but Carly.

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General Hospital Spoilers — What Sonny Wants Will Come Into Question

Nina was standing in front of Carly pleading for help and admitting to how brand new this was to her just days ago. Will she have the same nerve and courage to step aside and agree with Diane?

Probably, but that won’t prevent her from worrying that Sonny’s excuse to remarry Carly doesn’t secretly please him.

Of course, they’ll never spend a night together as a remarried couple, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be intimacy — because they already share that.

Assuming Carly is even willing to get on board with Diane’s plan, she may also question whether Sonny has his own reasons for agreeing to it.

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  1. MeMa says

    I think Diana is correct….Sonny needs to remarry Carly even if it’s only in name only and the other Mob Family know she’s no push over even if Jason is not behind her….I doubt Nina will see it that way but maybe she should be reminded that “She” came to Carley for help and advice!!!!

    1. Naomi says

      Sonny should take advice from Diana don’t marry Nina. He should remarry to Carly. Have Nina go back to Valentin

  2. Nanlee says

    GH is not worth watching any more If Sonny marries Carly…

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