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General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Gets Word That Jason Is Alive, Goes Searching For Him

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that rumors suggest that Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) may get word that Jason Morgan (ex-Steve Burton) could have survived the tunnel collapse.

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With no one else willing to look for Jason, besides Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), will Drew go looking for Jason to return the favor from when Jason came after him?

General Hospital Spoilers – Jason Morgan Dropped Everything To Find Drew Cain

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that when Drew turned up missing years ago, Jason moved Heaven and Earth to find him.

Jason went to Greece with Britt Westbourne (ex-Kelly Thiebaud) to not only save her mother but to save his brother Drew as well. Now Drew has a chance to return the favor, will he take off to Greece to find his brother?

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Gets Word That Jason Is Alive, Goes Searching For Him

Sonny has sent a crew to Greece to try to find Jason. A group even used special equipment to prove that no one had survived that crash.

However, Jason has survived much more dangerous situations than this. Victor Cassadine (ex-Charles Shaughnessy) could have certainly managed to save Jason and hide him away somewhere. Can Drew bring him back home?

GH Spoilers – Drew Cain Has Been Acting Very Strangely

Drew has begun to act very strangely lately, strange enough for Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) to point it out.

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Perhaps it is the old twin adage where one can sense the other one without words Could Jason and Drew be communicating telepathically like many twins are able to do? Does Drew feel obligated to find his brother and bring him home?

Jason has spent too many years away from his family because of other people. Drew knows how the feels and would certainly put out enough effort to find him.

Jason and Drew never started to get close until Jason decided to help him. Jason and Drew truly started to connect afterward. Will Jason and Drew have the chance to reconnect as brothers after all?

General Hospital Spoilers – What Would Jason Morgan’s Return Change?

One thing is for sure, Jason is needed to help Sonny before he happens to get himself killed. Can Drew bring Jason home to not only Sonny but his sons as well?

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Jason’s boys have barely had any time with him at all does Jason need to return to the land of the living and get to know his children that he has been torn away from too many times?

Jason’s son Jake Webber (Hudson West) is dealing with a great deal right now, especially after Charlotte Cassadine’s (Scarlett Fernandez) stint stalking Anna Devane (Finolas Hughes).

Now Jake has been forced to deal with Charlotte’s shooting. Could Jason’s return help Jake deal with Charlotte’s shooting and more? Can Jason Help Sonny get back on track as well?

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  1. AMJ says

    I wish with all my GH heart that Jason WOUKD come back to GH. This could also explain Drews absence while filming his Hallmark movies….. Anyway, a Jason fan can hope…and, here’s a thought…. Could Britt also have survived the poisoning? I loved Jason and Britt as a couple…..

    1. Nanlee says

      Yes I agree with you…Jason and Britt together was great…and Jason needs much time with his sons.

  2. Tracy says

    YES!!!!!!!!!!JASON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Camille says

    I would love this to be true. Jason needs to come back to GH for his kids, Sonny, and for Sam. Sam and Dante are so boring; no spark!

    1. Camille Collins says

      Yes, I agree GH needs Steve Burton as Jason! if only to fill the HUGE Hole that was left when they let him Go. Missing STEVE, Jason~ please bring him HOME TO G.H.

  4. Julia Olive says

    Please, don’t send Drew away again, there are other people who could search for Jason.

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