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General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Return Brings Heartbreak, Discovers Franco’s Dead

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew's Return Brings Heartbreak, Discovers Franco's DeadGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers tease the rumor mill has been going strong that when Cameron Matheson turns up in a mystery role on General Hospital that he will be someone heavily involved with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) no matter who he is playing. When it was revealed that Matheson would be joining General Hospital later this summer, he was rumored to either be playing Steven Weber (last played by Scott Reeves), Elizabeth’s older brother or Drew Cain (last played by Billy Miller), who was once romantically involved with Liz.

But it was the bond between Drew and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), Elizabeth’s recently murdered husband. They had spent a portion of their childhood together, before Drew was finally sent to an orphanage. Not only that, Franco had tried to protect Drew from the man who was dating their mother, because he had already molested Franco and seemed more than ready to add Drew to his conquests. So while everyone believed that Franco has pushed Drew down the stairway to the basement for his own reasons, he truly only did it to keep Drew safe.

General Hospital Spoilers – From Troubled Childhood To Sadistic Serial Killer, Franco Baldwin Turned Away From The Darkness

A brain tumor altered Franco Baldwin’s personality and he became one of the most sadistic serial killers that Port Charles has ever seen. Eventually, Franco had the tumor removed and Diane Miller (Carolyn Henessey) had all the criminal charges removed since the enormous tumor that Diana produced in court was obviously the cause of Franco’s murderous rampages. Several Port Charles residents haven’t forgotten all the terrible things Franco did while he had the tumor. But eventually Liz and Franco bonded over art and then slowly became a married couple. In the meantime, Drew’s memories of the missing five years of his life still hadn’t returned when his plane was sabotaged, and Drew himself was presumed dead at least through June of this year. Ever since Drew went missing, there have rumors of the character returning. But so much has changed since Drew left.

GH Spoilers – Drew Cain & Elizabeth Webber Will Bond Over Franco Baldwin’s Death?

Where Drew has been all this time may remain a mystery for awhile, as Drew discovers his true paternity once and for all along with his memories returned, Drew will be mourning for Franco and will find himself drawn to Elizabeth as they mourn the man the man they both loved in their own way. This will eventually turn romantic, which Elizabeth will be hesitant about since she destroyed their relationship early on when it was discovered that Elizabeth had known for quite a while that Drew wasn’t Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) but his twin biological twin. Drew was furious with Liz for keeping quiet for so long but they eventually reconciled their friendship. Eventually Drew went overseas and Peter August had enough of Drew’s interference and was responsible when his plane went down. Drew’s body was never found. Franco and Liz remained happy for quite a long time. But fate had other plans…

General Hospital Spoilers – Peter August was worried that Franco would soon be able to access Drew Cain’s memories and fatally shot Franco. Franco was never able to expose Peter in life, but in death he’s hoping every single little dirty trick will known by all. With Peter out of the way. Drew and Liz will certainly explore becoming a couple but don’t be surprised if they put the brakes from going any further until they work out that Franco would be happy if they found each other.

General Hospital Spoilers – What Do You Think?

Will Cameron Matheson play Steven Weber, Drew Cain or someone else when he joins the cast of General Hospital ? Is it time for Drew to finally return to Port Charles and move forward with life? Will Drew still be missing those five years or did they come back to him while he was presumed dead? And will their mutual love for the late Franco bring Elizabeth and Drew together romantically, or will it just be too weird? Love won’t stop in Port Charles just because it’s awkward, so stay tuned to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all your General Hospital news, information and spoilers!

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    Hoping Cameron Matheson will play Steven Webber, a mob boss, or???? Anyone except Drew Cain PLEASE!

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    Sooo not interested

  3. Guest says

    create a new freakin' character. these recast are getting old. killing people off and then bringing them back…ENOUGH. It's BORING! It's also ridiculous that you kill a character off and then bring the actor back to play another role…General Hospital, I feel like you can do better. And since I'm airing all my complaints, let me NOT forget the thing I hate the MOST right now…Sonny and his memory loss…c'mon, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. AND When this FINALLY comes to light, can you treat it like real people would…ALL the characters would HATE Nina and never forgive her, like EVER. The show is very boring right now and I spend way more time fast forwarding than I do actually watching during a show.

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