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General Hospital Spoilers: Fans Once Again Worried Over Maurice Benard Retirement Rumors

General Hospital Spoilers: Fans Once Again Worried Over Maurice Benard Retirement RumorsGeneral Hospital Spoilers reveal that fans are worried about rumors that Maurice Benard who plays mobster, Sonny Corinthos is ready to retire. Of course, these rumors have been around for years but it seems that every time Maurice’s contract comes up for renewal, they start up again. What has fans so worried this time around?

General Hospital Spoilers – Thirty Years As Sonny Corinthos

Benard is truly a daytime icon by now. Benard started in daytime in 1987 which means he has been in television for almost 40 years.

Most fans remember Maurice as Nico Kelly on All My Children. Recently Benard paid tribute to his former co-star, Susan Lucci in regards to her Lifetime Achievement Award.

Maurice posted a photo of himself and Lucci saying, “It was great working with you, even though most of our stuff was cut out, it really was exhilarating.”

Of course, Lucci fans and co-stars were there for years when she was unceremoniously overlooked for the Lead Female awards. Benard joined General Hospital in 1993 and celebrated 30 years last year.

GH Spoilers – Maurice Benard Has Discussed Retiring Before

Fans have seen video where Maurice has discussed his possible retirement for several years.

However, he hasn’t moved to do so yet. This doesn’t mean that fans aren’t concerned when the subject comes up because they know he will eventually retire and persue other interests, especially dealing with mental health.

After years of working with his own bipolar disorder, Sonny was finally revealed as being bipolar. This diagnosis explained a great deal considering the way Sonny had acted for years.

Now Sonny is going off the deep end agains and these scenes have to be hard on Maurice mentally. After all, he has to go into a very dark place to allow himself to act as though he is off his medication.

General Hospital Spoilers – GH WUBSNET Have Fans Asking Questions

GH WUBSNET is a popular website that offers news,spoilers, and rumors dealing with General Hospital.

The site asked on Twitter if Benard was retiring considering the way the current storyline is progressing. Of course, this got fans in on the conversation as well. Do fans believe Benard is leaving as well?

Here are a few of the comments on the post: “He has his pod cast and grandbabies. Sounds like a great time to retire with option to visit.I know he talked about it on state of mind . He has the grandchildren and thought about doing state of mind full time

This is honestly what I have been thinking is going on with his storyline.

Exactly my thought. Why else would they be dragging Sonny??”

Of course this answers offer something to chat about. Is it time that Maurice retire? What do you think about this possibility? As you know nothing has been announced about Benard leaving so far. We will keep you updated on any news on the issue as soon as it becomes available.

Keep checking back for all of your General Hospital news, spoilers, and updates.

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  3. GrammaGramma says

    If Nathan isn’t going to return, then put Spixie back together and let them be happy!!

    If Maurice ISN’T retiring, they need to come up with something QUICK to keep him out of jail and on the canvas, with the direction that this writing is heading. It’s almost like there is no other route for him right now.

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