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General Hospital Spoilers: Finola Hughes Returns As Anna Devane

General Hospital Spoilers: Finola Hughes Returns As Anna DevaneGeneral Hospital spoilers tease that General Hospital fans should be seeing Anna Devane, as played by Finola Hughes, back on their television screens in about a month to six weeks, which is how far General Hospital tapes shows ahead. There is no word as of yet if her sister, Alexandra Devane, also played by Finola Hughes will be coming back with her!

General Hospital Spoilers – FInola Hughes Takes A Yearly Vacation Lasting Usually Two To Three Months

The last time General Hospital viewers saw Finola, and Anna, on General Hospital was May 31, and on her Instagram account she reported she is back taping at GH, complete with an all-woman crew, which she is sitting in the middle of on the Instagram photo!

Finola went on her yearly vacation while Anna went to find her twin, Alexandra Marick, so the two sisters could sort out whose memories were whose, since they were the first two subjects in Dr. Arthur Cabot’s (Time Warner) original twins studies, which were memory transfer studies between sets of twins.

They were Patients One and Two of six patients, Dr. Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) being Patients Three and Four, and Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) being Patients Five and Six, but under an improved memory transfer process that Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) built upon Cabot’s original work.

Finola Hughes Is A General Hospital Veteran But Also Spent Time On All My Children And Night Shift

The character of Anna Devane, as portrayed by Finola Hughes, was introduced on General Hospital on April 10, 1985 as the ex-wife of Special Agent Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers). She, as well as Robert were on the General Hospital canvas off and on between the years of 1980 for Robert and 1985 for Anna.

They have one daughter together, Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake (Kimberly McCullough) and two grandchildren through Robin, Emma Scorpio-Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) and Noah Scorpio-Drake (uncast character), named after his paternal grandfather Dr. Noah Drake (Rick Springfield). Anna is also believed to have an adult son by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) who is Peter August (Wes Ramsey).

Peter’s maternity is one thing that Anna and Alexandra are trying to figure out between the two of them. Anna was also married to Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) from 1987-1989, and she was thought to be dead for many years after a boat explosion that she, Robert, and Faison were involved in. On July 23, 1999 Finola began appearing on the canceled ABC soap opera, All My Children as her identical twin, Alexandra. In 2000, she went searching for her twin, having started having memories that she could not understand, in which she was a spy and married to a man named Robert.

She also did some research and found information about a spy named Anna Devane, who with her husband Robert, had died in a boat explosion and eventually tracked her down, alive but very ill, in Canada and brought her back to Pine Valley where Anna recovered and eventually married Dr. David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) and they had a baby girl named Leora Hayward (uncast character) who sadly died of a heart condition. Anna eventually moved back to Port Charles, and Alex has showed up there several times in the last few years. Finola also played Anna in the GH spinoff Night Shift, which only ran from 2007-2008.

Although Finola’s exact return airdate has not been announced, stay tuned to General Hospital for all the latest news, updates, and developments and watch for an announcement of Finola’s return airdate.

  1. Guest says

    She is too old for Finn, she should stick with Robert.

  2. Janice Miller says

    Yes, I miss the banter between her and Robert, they are good together.

  3. Guest says

    I like Anna but I did not miss her at all. All I could think was, if you are going to bail for a couple of months at a time every year, what is the point of being on?? Anthony Geary (Luke) would do the same thing every year and his return back every time would be cleaning up the mess that occurred while he was gone.

  4. RavenJackal says

    I have missed Anna. I look forward to seeing her. I like her with Finn but if that does not work out then maybe she and Robert can get back together. I am hoping that Anna is still Peter’s mother. There is a way to make that work somehow.

  5. Guest says

    I haven’t missed her at all. She’s boring and GH could get along just fine without her.

  6. Annette Jones says

    Yes I will be glad to have her back, Finn needs her here now that Hayden is hanging around

  7. lbc says

    I think she deserves a vacation just as everyone does. Yes, it is a long one more than the average person gets, but that’s show business. She could have been around PC the last few months and not seen very much as the main attraction on GH now is the Shiloh Saga, in which she was not involved, and hopefully when she returns the writers will not find a way to include yet another character. Before long, everyone in PC will enter the Shiloh Saga. With the writers (in my opinion), stooping so low as to add Cameron to the chaos, who knows which other character will become involved before Shiloh is ended.

  8. Guest says

    I HOPE she returns SOON..The audience’s patience can wear thin, with the “Build Up” to a Anticipated pairing, then, 2 days later BOOM! The leading lady is gone on another “Mission”.Anna had a right to be HAPPY, but it seems she’s actually happier On the road.My only suggestion for her is: DON’T go the way of Tony Geary, and have it in your contract to be gone half a year, because it’s a roll of the dice! (He would take off suddenly, everyone exclaiming “Oh! That’s just Luke’s way!”, and these years later..his Memory is pretty rapidly fading..Again, just a comment.Been watching since I was 5 in 1963..)

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