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General Hospital Spoilers: GH Alum Tony Geary Calls Out ABC Writers On Character Changes

General Hospital: Tony Geary (Luke Spencer), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexix Davis)General Hospital’s Tony Geary recently granted Nancy Lee Grahn an interview for her “Soaps In Quarantine” Youtube series. Tony retired from General Hospital after voicing his annoyance over the head writer changing an Emmy winning storyline to redeem his character, Luke Spencer.

General Hospital Spoilers – Tony Geary A Proud Of His Work

General Hospital’s Tony had been on the show since 1978. Although tony wasn’t constantly on the show during these years, he didn’t officially retire until June 2015 after taping the scenes where his grandson Jake came back from the dead. Tony was happy to be the person who hit Jake Spencer (Hudson West) on the episode in 2011 when Jake was killed off the show. Luke was drunk and hit his grandson after he got out of his house and was playing in the street.

Luke tried to push Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) to kill him at that time because he was wracked with guilt over Jake’s death. This storyline was Emmy winning and has amazing performances from all involved. However, changing this story was the last straw for Geary.

GH Spoilers – Jake Spencer Was Kidnapped

In 2015 then head writer Ron Carlivati decided that Luke needed to be redeemed before Tony’s retirement and rewrote the story that Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) had kidnapped Jake and faked his death. Tony was furious over this rewrite and he and Carlivati got into several disagreements over the storyline changes. Tony wanted Luke to remain the person who killed Jake.

Tony didn’t see any reason for redemption just like most fans who enjoyed the storyline. This story gave several actors the chance to showcase their work and tony believed it should have been left alone. Instead, we have Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) return, to drop his child off to his ex-wife and her live-in lover and walk right out the door. The rewrite did not do justice to the storyline and should have been left alone.

General Hospital Spoilers – Tony Geary Is Still Upset

General Hospital’s Tony is obviously still upset with the storyline change and can be quoted as saying “ You have to honor a character that the audience has embraced by not fucking with the history that they know. And that’s a big problem that happened a lot in the last few years. The history was not as important and that’s just not right.” –– TG” Tony makes a very good point. General Hospital fans, as well as other soap fans, feel that they know the characters and know what kind of reaction to expect from them.

When the writers proceed to write fan favorite out of character, it does not go over well. Fans become invested in storylines and don’t like for them to be changed after the fact. Changing such stories takes away from the authenticity of the original story and should not happen at all. Show history deserves to be respected and kept intact.

  1. Guest says

    That storyline was a way of getting one character out “Jake” . Killing Jason and Elizabeth child and wiping out there history and child. Making it possible for Sam to have Jason child the following year since it 2012 was Steve’s last year on the show and helping Tony and Jonathan get Emmy’s and no one else . This storyline was the worst because no one could figure out why this kid had to die. Also “Jake” wasn’t Luke’s grandchild it should have been Aiden that was killed since he is Luke biological grandchild or even kill off Lulu or Lucky one of his own children.

  2. lbc says

    There are pros and cons to the story line regardless of how it was written. Luke didn’t have to hit any one and this back and forth rewrite of history would have never occurred.

  3. Guest says

    if it had been Lucky or Lulu killed they would have brought back Genie Francis, however since Mr. Geary didn’t want Genie back .. Guza/Phelps were the worst @ the end of there rain of terror on GH. That why they aren’t working in the industry know and why Ms. Phelps was later hired at YR she was fired. Mr.  Ron Carlivati is working on Days and killing it over there.

  4. Guest says

    Tony is SPOT ON. The writers SUCK for the last few years. Always repeating the same storyline; bringing people back from the dead; everyone has a paternity issues; or secret siblings; YAWN

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