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General Hospital Spoilers: Heather Webber Doesn’t Want Liz To Forget Franco!

General Hospital: Heather WebberGeneral Hospital spoilers tease that there has been a lot of speculation about who could possibly be gaslighting Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). Liz finally took off her wedding ring on New Years Eve to symbolize that she is ready to being a romantic relationship with Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton). But somehow her wedding ring traveled from a drawer in her house to her locker at General Hospital;

General Hospital Spoilers – Is seems As Though Elizabeth Webber May Subconsciously Not Be Ready To Forget Franco Baldwin!

Elizabeth and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) were happily married before Franco was murdered by Peter August (Wes Ramsey) last year. Elizabeth has been slowly getting closer to Finn for several months, but wasn’t ready to move on either. Franco was not only a good husband, but a terrific stepfather to Elizabeth’s three children. But deep down, Elizabeth knows that Franco would want her to be happy. So while she may be the one who moved the ring, there is another likely candidate who won’t want Franco forgotten either!

GH Spoilers – Heather Webber Is Been A Thorn In The Side Of Port Charles Residents For Decades.

Franco’s parents were Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and Heather Webber (Robin Matson). Heather doesn’t exactly operate with a full deck, and she tends to drug people she doesn’t like with LSD. But make no mistake, Heather loved Franco very much and may think that Elizabeth has no business moving on now or possibly ever! She wouldn’t hurt Elizabeth because of their family ties, but that doesn’t mean she would make sure that no one forgets Franco.

General Hospital Spoilers – Heather Webber Might Have The Last Word With Peter August!

Heather’s plan to keep Franco’s memory alive may also include doing something about the man who murdered her son. Heather hasn’t made herself knows to Peter yet, but when she does he may not know what hit him. If anyoine can get revenge for all of the people Peter has hurt, it may be Heather who has the best shot and the mindset to rid the world of Peter for all. People like Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and Elizabeth will be grateful that someone finally got rid of Peter. But at some point, Heather will have to accept Franco’s death and accept that Elizabeth has to move on.

GH Spoilers – What Do You Think?

Is Elizabeth Gaslighting herself? Or is someone else out to keep Franco’s memory alive, like Heather? Could Heather be planning to kill Peter once and for all and would anyone stop her? Anything can happen in Port Charles so stay tuned to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all your General Hospital news, information and spoilers!

  1. Guest says

    Maybe Heather is the one that Set Liz’s studio on fire. Also maybe she was the one who your up Liz’s dress. Just guessing

  2. Guest says

    I thought it was Franco studio that got burned not Liz’s studio.

  3. Guest says

    I would LOVE if Heather Webber would be brought back, if anything, to get rid of Peter August once and for all! She’s already in prison for the criminally insane, and has killed off a few people during her visits. (LOL who in PC hasn’t?)
    I was very disappointed that she didn’t make an appearance when Franco was killed off. She would’ve taken care of Peter right then and there!

  4. Guest says

    Don't think it is Heather.

  5. lbc says

    There is definitely the possibility that Heather is back to her old tricks, since it seems she able to get back to PC to stir up trouble whenever the need arises. Heather is really nuts, and is crazy about Franco. I think Heather coming back on the scene could solve two problems. Heather probably does not want Liz to forget her beloved Franco, and also would definitely want to rid the world of the person responsible for his death. Better Heather get rid of Peter than any other character as she has way of doing things and no one usually never suspects her.

  6. Guest says

    I hope its not Liz herself…..bring back Heather

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