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General Hospital Spoilers: Jason’s Gift To Carly, Buys Back Her Half Of The Metro Court?

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will have a gift for Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) by the end of the week. Upon hearing that Carly lost her half of the Metro Court through Nina Reeves’ (Cynthia Watros) manipulations, he know he must do something!

General Hospital Spoilers – Jason Morgan – Talked To Diane Miller About His Estate

Jason had talked to Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) about his estate, and how he’d left fifty percent to Carly and split the other half between his sons equally.

It had still been in probate but now that he’s back, that actually works out better and he’s taking the coffee company back. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) may not like it but that’s just the way it is-and then Diane caught him up on the rest.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason’s Gift To Carly, Buys Back Her Half Of The Metro Court?

He learned after taking Carly’s husband and Carly’s hotel that Nina turned Carly and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) into the SEC. Drew had done time-Jason was amazed, and not in a good sense of the word!

GH Spoilers – Jason Morgan Needs Some Access To Funds

Jason needs some access to funds to be able to get Carly’s half of the Metro Court back-all he has to do is buy out the stock in order to accomplish it.

Basically, it’s like a hostile takeover but Nina won’t know what hit her-and Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) or Carly can fire her from the hotel.

Jason wasn’t there at the time but he heard through Carly later that Nina doesn’t play nice-she hires and fires with no input from Olivia.

Diane thinks she can help Jason do what he needs to do with buying out the Metro Court stock, but they need to let Olivia know the plans. It’s doubtful Olivia will have any problems, in fact, she’d be glad to not have to work with Nina!

General Hospital Spoilers – Carly Spencer Will Be So Surprised

Jason has to right this wrong-the Metro Court is rightly Carly and Olivia’s, not Nina and Olivia’s.

Even if Carly doesn’t run it full-time in favor of taking care of Bobbie’s, she’ll still make money from it because she’ll be part owner again.

The Metro Court was Carly’s baby, even though it wasn’t all fun-a hostage crisis happened there and some other tragedies.

Once Jason gets this task accomplished, he can feel confident Carly will be okay-he also understands she asked nothing from Sonny in the divorce. To hear that and then find out she literally lost everything except her house, breaks Jason’s heart!

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  1. Jamie says

    I am disgusted by Jason Morgan. He left half of his estate to Carly. Carly!! His sons would have split the other half. The fact that Jason Morgan put a woman above his own kids is disgusting. This return is a complete failure. Jason Morgan will forever be doing Carly and Sonny’s bidding. Any man that puts a woman over his own kids is disgusting. Jason Morgan should have stayed dead.

  2. El a says

    I wish the writers would put Jason and Sonny’s bromance back to what it was. Ava needs to be removed hopefully by Nina’s jealousy. Ava is doing something behind scenes. Not about being back with Sonny, God forbid…

  3. Soaper says

    What the heck? Jason leaves his sons 25% each of his estate and Carly gets 59%. Why????? No wonder Jake has mo time for him, his kids are not his priority. His come back is disappointing.

  4. Nix Pix says

    OMG Jason needs to get a grip and Diane needs to tell him the complete truth. CARLY lost her hotel all by pompus self. Nina DID NOT steal it from her and carly didn’t lose it because of NIna. I am so tired of the writers making carly some saint that has done no wrong. When will SHE pay for HER actions? just should have left jason dead, his comeback has been pathetic and the same song and dance, must protect carly, screw my son’s.

    1. Jasonfan says

      What is wrong with you people!! Jason’s estate was large enough for his sons and Carly. Stop with Carly hate. She’s one of the best characters the show has. Also, shame on all of you who say you’re disappointed with Jason’s role. I’d watch him anyday protecting those he loves. That’s who he is.

      1. Jamie says

        Jason should be worrying about his sons that he abandoned. Not some 50 year old shrew who lost her own hotel. She is a grown ass woman.

    2. Jasonfan says

      Nina most definitely did steal the hotel. Sonny would’ve bought it and gave it to Carly, but Nina swooped in first, pretending she would give it to Carly. How many out there believes that fat lie? She wanted it for herself to put it over on Carly.

  5. Julie Chambers-Saint-Preux says

    Stop making Nina the Scapegoat. No one on General Hospital is a Saint. They all should deal with the consequences of their actions. Give Nina a real break.

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