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General Hospital Spoilers: Kirsten Storms Opens Up About Wes Ramsey After Peter August Controversy

General Hospital Spoilers: Kirsten Storms Opens Up About Wes Ramsey After Peter August ControversyGeneral Hospital spoilers reveal that a few weeks ago, Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) shared his thoughts about Wes Ramsey as Peter August. He was quite honest about it and created some controversy. Now, Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) is opening up about her co-star. Find out what she had to say about the actor and her experience working with Ramsey.

General Hospital Spoilers – Everyone Has An Opinion

GH spoilers reveal that everyone has an opinion on the casting decision for Peter. Some think Ramsey is doing a good job while others think he wasn’t the right actor to play the part. It has nothing to do with the actor himself, but certain people are better at portraying certain characters. Not everyone has that “villain” vibe or can play the nice guy.

GH Spoilers – Peter August Controversy

When Rogers shared his opinion about the casting decision, he made it clear it was nothing against Ramsey. In fact, he said that Ramsey was a good actor and a professional. He just didn’t think Ramsey was right for the role of Peter. He also felt that the writers had painted Peter into a corner and were struggling to find a way out. In a video posted by a fan on social media, Rogers explained,

“He’s got himself into a horrible storyline, and the storyline is the fault of the show. And what they’ve literally done is they’ve painted themselves into a corner and they don’t know how to get out of it except to make it worse.”

Some agreed with Rogers and some didn’t. Then, there were people who misinterpreted Rogers’ words, especially when he mentioned Ramsey being too polite to play a villain. It created some controversy among the cast, as well as with viewers. Ramsey did respond to Rogers, but then added later that there are no hard feelings.

General Hospital Spoilers – Kirsten Storms Opens Up

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Storms opened up about Rasmey in a series of Instagram Stories. She praised the actor, saying, “Working with [Ramsey] is a joy and I want to give [him] props for his performances, especially lately… the juxtaposition of Wes’ personality and [his character’s] personality was just crazy… that’s a sign of a great actor.”

GH Spoilers – Wes Ramsey’s Future

For a while, it was speculated that Peter might end up getting killed off or going to prison. However, neither has happened so far. It turns out that Peter killed Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). As for Ramsey’s future in the long-running ABC soap, he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere right now. However, how long he will stay considering redemption seems impossible is anyone’s guess. We will just have to keep watching the soap to find out what happens next.

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