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General Hospital Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Causes a TwitterFire as Fans Speculate Why He’s Going Dark

General Hospital spoilers reveals Social media is going wild today over claims that Marcus Coloma (Nikolas Cassadine) has spontaneously unfollowed all of his GH fans and castmates on both Twitter and Instagram.

Is this like that time Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) — Coloma’s on-screen aunt — didn’t agree with not rolling up one’s sleeve for the Covid vaccine? Is Marcus trying to pick a fight, or is he simply declaring which side of the existing fight he’s already on? Maybe he’s ran out his contract and is moving on — but why the grand exit?

General Hospital Spoilers — Coloma’s Time Could Be Up

In the span of nearly one year, we’ve seen a few of our favorites get the ax — including Johnny Wactor (Brando Corbin). Coloma’s contract was allegedly up for deliberation this fall. Could this be the end for Coloma as a Cassadine, and if it is, why is he going out with such a dramatic flair bordering on bitterness?

Some fans are welcoming the change only if it comes with Tyler Christopher’s return to the role, which isn’t likely. Marcus did have a couple of recent absences from the set in which Adam Huss covered the role of Nikolas, but little explanation was given for why Marcus was MIA.

General Hospital Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Causes a TwitterFire as Fans Speculate Why He’s Going Dark

GH Spoilers Hint Vaccines Causing Vacancies?

While castmates Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and Ingo Rademacher (Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks) were let go last November after their requests for religious exemptions to ABC/Disney’s vaccine mandate were denied, Marcus was supportive of their right to choose whether or not they got the Covid-19 vaccine.

One fan tweeted Marcus was still following Ingo and Steve, as well as Johnny Wactor, on December 11th, but that remains unconfirmed. ABC/Disney dropped their vaccine mandate last month. It is unclear whether any lower contracts under General Hospital continue to uphold a mandate. If such exists, and Marcus has decided not to continue receiving booster shots, he could be exiting for the same reason his longtime former castmates did.

GH Spoilers Tease It’s All About Twitter

As of 2pm EST on December 13th, Coloma is following zero accounts on Insta, and he is only following two accounts on Twitter — the World of Engineering, and Elon Musk. It’s looking more like Marcus is making a statement with his Twitter account. While some celebrities have exited the platform because they disagree with what Elon is doing with it, much like Elton John chose to, it would appear Marcus thinks Elon is the only person worth paying attention to over there now.

That’s big news given that Elon just posted a nod to the QAnon movement last night tweeting to follow the white rabbit. Is Marcus merely making his position on a divisive topic known, and if so — which side is he on? Following Elon while abandoning everyone else sends out mixed signals.

General Hospital Spoilers — Maybe he Got Hacked

We could default to thinking Marcus got hacked, but it’s not likely across two platforms, and let’s be honest — we’re soap fans. Give. Us. The. Drama. Marcus, why are you holding out on us? Let the people know the truth! Keep checking back with us for more GH news and spoilers every day!

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