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General Hospital Spoilers: Marshall’s Ready To Spill The Tea

General Hospital:MMarshall Ashford (Robert Gossett)General Hospital spoilers tease that Marshall Ashford (Robert Gossett) will finally be ready to spill the tea about his missing years in an upcoming episode of General Hospital!

General Hospital Spoilers – Marshall Ashford, The Mystery Man

General Hospital spoilers show that for much of Marshall’s time so far in Port Charles, he’s been a man of mystery, and even more of a mystery since revealing he’s Curtis Ashford’s (Donnell Turner) long lost father! Curtis was convinced he was a mobster at first, since he had shown up when Curtis was opening his new nightclub, “The Savoy” and had been seen close to the later beaten-up Joey Novak (Patrick Zeller) outside of Kelly’s.

Curtis really began getting suspicious of Marshall when he saved the day for the opening of The Savoy, apparently having connections in the music business; why would this stranger want to help him? Then to hear he was asking TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) questions about his family at General Hospital? – Curtis was certain that the man was bad news, very bad news! For all Curtis knew, he was some kind of hit man seeking him and his family out!

GH Spoilers – Curtis Ashford Has Been Demanding Answers

According to GH spoilers, Curtis could no longer deny that mystery man Marshall had a reason for asking all those questions when he revealed he was his father and proved it by giving him a photo from Curtis’ childhood! But still, when Curtis started asking questions of his own, Marshall has been extremely less than forthcoming, and that only added to Curtis’ suspicions, not to mention his anger towards the older man!

General Hospital viewers will remember that Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) was going to help Curtis try and dig up Marshall’s missing years, and try to find out if there was a good reason for him to play dead all those years. There didn’t seem to be an excuse in Curtis’ mind for his abandoning Curtis, his mother Irene Ashford (uncast character), and his brother Tommy Ashford (uncast character).

General Hospital Spoilers – Marshall Ashford Is Finally Ready To Talk

General Hospital spoilers show Marshall received a pretty icy reception that day when he came to The Savoy and revealed he was Curtis’ father, and he may have opened up then had Curtis not shut him down! Be that as it may, Curtis wants answers and Marshall really cannot blame him for that, and he is glad that Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) didn’t tell Curtis ahead of himself.

Even though Curtis could tell his Auntie Stella knows more than she’s saying, she steered him towards Marshall for answers although she did tell him about his love for music and that he plays clarinet. Curtis lets Marshall know loud and clear that he wouldn’t have any kind of relationship with him if he doesn’t give him those answers, and to his surprise, Marshall’s finally ready to spill all the tea-and Curtis is ecstatic! General Hospital viewers will be interested in hearing what Marshall has to say, as well!

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  1. Guest says

    Marshall has been so annoying with tiptoeing around the issue. I am glad that Curtis has stuck to his guns and has not let his father manipulate him the way he tries to manipulate everyone. Even watching his scenes with Epiphany made my skin crawl. It's so obvious that he is trying to play her. I hope she sees right through him.

  2. Guest says

    The actor who plays Marshal deserves much better writing. He's been on for close to two months and every scene is the same. "I'm home.. I had to leave…. I can't tell you why…. " That was fine for the first week or so. Now it's just ANNOYING!

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