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General Hospital Spoilers: Meet Luke Spencer’s Memorial Crasher Jennifer Smith!

General Hospital Spoilers: Meet Luke Spencer's Memorial Crasher Jennifer Smith!General Hospital spoilers and updates reveal  Jennifer Smith (Holly Gagnier) is the daughter of former mob boss Frank Smith. Jennifer was obsessed with Luke Spencer (ex- Tony Geary). Now Jennifer has crashed Luke’s memorial, what is Jennifer up to now?

General Hospital Spoilers –  Jennifer Smith’s History

General Hospital Jennifer is the head of the Smith mob family since her father Frank died. Jennifer had a brother who is deceased as well. Jennifer was originally played by an actress named Lisa Marie. In 1994 Jennifer return but was played by Roseanne Barr. Jennifer returned again in 2002 this time portrayed by All In The Family’s Sally Struthers.

The character has returned twice in recent years, 2015 and in 2022 played by Holly Gagnier each time. Jennifer has always had issues with Luke and Laura and is often kidnapping one of them or holding them at gunpoint. Jennifer’s obsession with Luke has been a big part of Luke’s storyline through the years. Luke used to work for Jennifer’s father Frank Smith years ago. Jennifer has never been willing to accept Luke with anyone other than herself. Luke almost married Jennifer at one time but was knocked off the yacht and never resurfaced. Luke later turned up alive of course and ran off with Laura.

GH Spoilers – Jennifer Tried To For A Marriage

General Hospital – Jennifer confronted Luke and Laura in 2002. Jennifer tried to force Luke to marry her or threatened to kill Laura. Jennifer wanted to kill Laura for her wedding present but Luke had other plans. Luke convinced Jennifer that Laura would suffer more by watching them marry. Thanks to Roy DiLucci (ex-A Martinez) and Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner), Luke and Laura manage to escape.

General Hospital Spoilers: Meet Luke Spencer's Memorial Crasher Jennifer Smith!

General Hospital Spoilers – Lucky Kidnapped

Years later, Jennifer showed up claiming to have kidnapped Lucky Spencer (ex-Jonathan Jackson). Jennifer promised to release Lucky if Luke would spend the night with her. Jennifer claimed that all of her relationships failed because of her and Luke’s unconsummated marriage. Luke agreed to sleep with Jennifer but got drunk and passed out. The next morning Jennifer set Luke free after admitting that she didn’t have Lucky at all. Jennifer also admitted that she had no idea who was holding Lucky at the time. Now Jennifer has returned for her final goodbye to Luke. Could Jennifer showing up be a setup? Could Jennifer be working with Victor and holding Luke?

Jennifer never shows up without an agenda and it is unlikely that she has now. Will Jennifer reveal something new about Luke’s fate? Is Jennifer there to cause more problems for Luke’s family?

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