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General Hospital Spoilers Monday, December 12: Trina Panics, Carly Concerned, Ryan Confronts Heather

General Hospital spoilers tease Heather Webber (Alley Mills) joins forces with someone even darker than she is. Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) is not giving in to Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl). Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) is a source of comfort for Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali). Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) is frustrated and furious. Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) has some bad news.Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) is worried about Willow Tait (Katelynn MacMullen).

General Hospital Spoilers Monday, December 12, 2022: Heather Finds Her Perfect Match

Heather is ready to form a rather unholy alliance. Will it be with the most sinister resident at Spring Ridge — Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom)? What are these two going to cook up together? Is it possible they’ve already done that part — by conceiving Esme — and now want to reap the benefits? We’re soon to find out, but not before Ryan lets Heather know he won’t accept failure on her part.

General Hospital Spoilers Say Nikolas Is Standing Strong

Esme is going to pull out all the stops in an effort to sway Nikolas into showing her some kind of mercy. Will it work? Not anytime soon. Esme isn’t happy with Nikolas’ efforts, and his arrogance is on full display as he comes through to give Esme just what she asked for.

General Hospital - Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali)


GH Spoilers — Trina Seeks Solace with Ava

Trina is feeling rattled by the uprising of feelings she’s trying to fight off. Rory Cabrera (Michael Black Kruse) has been so sweet to her and just took her out for an expensive dinner to celebrate their three-month anniversary. Trina gave it a concerted effort but she just couldn’t muster up the same feelings about their relationship that Rory clearly has. She’s going to run to Ava for advice and beg that she stop her from making a massive mistake. Is Trina about to break up with Rory and run into Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicholas Chavez) arms?

General Hospital Spoilers Tease Finn Spins His Wheels

Finn and Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) continue their heated discussion about the future of their relationship, or a lack thereof. Elizabeth is going to be noticeably unnerved by Finn’s interest in Esme, as well as his disdain for Nikolas and her recent interest in spending time at Wyndemere. Where is this headed? It doesn’t look good!

GH Spoilers — Drew is Saddened by the Search for Willow’s Birth Parents

When Drew meets with his mysterious lead, he’s not going to end up with the information he expected. He’s dying to know where Willow came from when she was known as Kali Miller. Will this mysterious woman who’s come forward actually know? Did Carly manage to get to her first? As Drew walks away from another dead end, he’ll have to break it to Willow.

General Hospital Spoilers — December 12 — Carly is Concerned

Speaking of Carly, she’s going to sit down with Willow at the Metro Court Hotel, and it’ll be hard to notice how unwell Willow looks. As Carly digs her heels into figuring out whether or not Willow is alright, the depleted mom-to-be will say all the right things to keep Carly at bay and away from the truth.

Which storyline are you most looking forward to following on GH on Monday, December 12th? Let us know, and keep checking back for more GH news and spoilers.

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