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General Hospital Spoilers: Nicholas Alexander Chavez OUT At GH, Officially Gone From Port Charles

General Hospital Spoilers: Nicholas Chavez OUT At GH, Officially Gone From Port CharlesGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers note that while fans believed actor Nicholas Alexander Chavez, who played Spencer Cassadine, was on temporary leave from the soap, TV Line now confirms he is not returning to the show.

Chavez was supposed to be on hiatus from the daytime drama to film the Netflix series, Monster, The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story, with his last appearance on GH taking place on Wednesday, January 31.

Still, in the weeks and months that followed, there has been massive buzz online that his “hiatus” was really an exit. Now, thanks to the TV Line report, it’s official – Chavez will not be coming back.

GH Spoilers: Speculation On Nicholas Chavez’s Exit

GH spoilers suggest that Spencer was presumed dead in early February after he fell overboard on a cruise, struggling to keep Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) from attacking the love of his life, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali). As his body was never found, this left a window of opportunity for his eventual return.

Unfortunately, rumors started buzzing shortly after Nicholas’s exit, when the actor unfollowed all his GH castmates, and anything GH-related, on X (formerly known as Twitter), except for Executive Producer Frank Valentini. Now Chavez only follows three accounts on the social media platform, Frank’s, Netflix, and Ryan Murphy Productions.

The second hammer on speculation was dropped when fans noticed in March that his name was no longer listed on the closing credits; something that happened rather suddenly, and not “right after” his last appearance.

GH Spoilers: Could A Spencer Cassadine Recast Come?

With the way Spencer exited, he could come back if the show recasts the role. For now, fans will have to wait and see.

Nicholas entered the land of Port Charles in 2021 and quickly became a fan favorite. Spencer’s romance with Trina was beloved by GH audiences, who coined the super couple “Sprina”.

During Chavez’s tenure with the soap, he won the 2022 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Performer in a Drama Series.

Will you miss Nicholas Chavez on GH? Are you hoping the character will be recast? Comment below. Be sure to watch your favorite ABC soap each day to stay on top of the action and visit this site regularly for the best General Hospital spoilers and updates.

  1. Emily Del Rosario says

    Hope Nicholas Chavez, comes back to GH.

  2. MJF says

    That sucks. But I’m not surprised. Just like Michael B. Jordan, who started on AMC, then moved on and became a big movie star, NAC is destined for great things! I wish him all the luck, but I sure will miss him. A recast might work, if they take their time and get a good one. But no matter how good he is, a lot of fans will never give him a chance!

    1. LJR says

      I agree 100% with MJF. But I do hope fans will be more open-minded and give him time if a good recast is found! It always takes awhile to get used to a new actor in a key role, just as it did when the old Spencer was replaced. And look how we grew to love Nicholas!

  3. Lori Thompson says

    I really hate this! What’s really going on with the writers? Been watching this show for 40 years and I really can’t believe what’s happening now!

  4. Elynda Rosa says

    GH needs to recast Spencer

  5. Barbara says

    I’m not at all surprised by this news. I had a strong feeling when he left for the movie he was filming that he would not come back. I think a recast would be an excellent idea if like others say, the show takes it time and cast someone really good.

  6. CADDYCAROL says


    1. Karolyn Lively says

      Are you running a high fever? Don’t ever … EVER … recast Laura. Like Tracy, Laura (Genie Francis) is part of the GH foundation and I’ve been watching since Day One. I’ve watched Genie grow up and continued to follow her career. She’s like a grand daughter to me.

  7. Rosev Morales says

    I’m disappointed to say the least… I was really hoping that Nicholas Alexander Chablis would come back after filming Monsters the Menedez Brothers. He is such a great actor and I for one would miss him dearly. I really hope that he and the producers work together to get him back into the show.

    1. J.W. says

      I agree with you I hope the producers and NAC come to an agreement that will work best for both of them so he can come back he was an excellent Spencer. I do hope we all get a nice big surprise and see NAC when they do finally decide to bring Spencer back.

  8. Janis says

    I’m Trina & Spencer’s biggest fan. I love that the writers introduced a mixed young couple and treated their relationship with Grace, love, understanding and compassion. Bring Spencer back. Please.

  9. DC says

    I hope Nicholas Chavez comes back. But if they recast him It has to be someone with the same build and physique as Nicholas. Oh and nice eye candy as well.

  10. Sur says

    Esme and Spencer are living happily ever after on an island somewhere, deeply in love, I suppose. Hope if anyone comes back it’s Esme. She was one of the best characters in GH and an amazingly talented actress.

  11. Gloria says

    Please recast. Even though we, Nicholas’s fan adored him, time moves on. It would be good to see a good storyline with Spencer and Trina. Make it interesting. We don’t need a happily ever after. I like the storylines with Sonny, Nina, Carly, Kristina, Molly and Anna. GH writer are cool!!

  12. Jacki says

    I thought Nicholas was an amazing actor- not surprised he is building his resume. Port Charles does need Spencer tho- so hoping for a recast

  13. Lisa says

    I think they should recast Spencer not leave Trina alone but not bring back essme recast Spencer they brought back jason ..

    1. Donna Z. says

      Most definitely!

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  15. […] Nina eventually got help and became more stable, although she has never really completely acclimated to her new surrounding. […]

  16. Jacki says
  17. […] To Jason’s credit, Carly didn’t give him the play-by-play of that night. Leaving out key details about the long late-night hours she put into Jagger’s situation may have been what was most comfortable at the time. Besides, it was one night, and truly, nothing happened. […]

  18. Audrey says

    I’m sorry to hear that Nicholas Chavez will not be returning to GH. He was a great addition to this amazing cast. He will be missed. I wish him luck in his new series.
    I read that Nicolas Bechtel has grown up and is quite tall, maybe he would like to reprise his role as Spencer Cassadine, he was so good as a young Spencer. I always enjoyed what he brought to the character

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