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General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Becomes A Hero, Saves Wiley From Danger!

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Becomes A Hero, Saves Wiley From Danger!General Hospital spoilers and updates tease that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) may find Wiley Corinthos (Viron Weaver) by himself in a park, having wandered off. This will be after the judge has made her decision in the visitation court, but Wiley’s safety will be more important in an upcoming GH episode!

General Hospital Spoilers – Court Is In Session, Josslyn Jacks On Babysitting Duty

Here’s how it could go down – while court is in session, Carly and Michael Corinthos (Laura Wright, Chad Duell) are there in the courtroom for Wiley’s visitation hearing. More than likely, Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) will be there as well, and of course, Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) is at the Society Setups bash. Others at the Quartermaine mansion, for instance Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) may have been available to care for Wiley, but she’s at the Society Setups party as well.

So Josslyn is stuck with babysitting Wiley, and she’ll take him to the park to play. Cameron Webber (William Lipton) may be with Josslyn and somehow the two get distracted, and Wiley wanders off!

GH Spoilers – The Verdict Is Read

Meanwhile, back at the courthouse the verdict is read, and as Carly, Michael and Willow take time to process it, Drew comes from the Society Setups bash. Nina disappears, which could mean that the verdict is not favorable for her; on the other hand, what would Carly, Michael and Willow need to process if they win? This could actually swing either way; but no one can find or reach Nina after the verdict including Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and he’s worried-where could she have gone? Nina just running off and not answering his calls makes even less sense if it does turn out to be a win for her, but she might head for the park. She’ll spot Wiley running around by himself with no adults in sight and she’ll take action to round him up!

General Hospital Spoilers – Wiley Corinthos’ Safety Is More Important Than A Verdict

You can bet even if the verdict was not favorable to Nina, if she sees her grandson running towards danger she’ll save him and disregard the verdict! Sonny will make a discovery the week of May 30, when all this action takes place and it might be that Nina has Wiley. Maybe her cell phone ran down or she dropped it trying to wrangle the toddler, and while Michael, Willow and Carly should be grateful, they might accuse Nina of kidnapping!

That would be a little difficult to believe, considering Nina would have had no way of knowing where Wiley was and who was supposed to be watching him! If he ran so far from Joss and Cam that they couldn’t find him Nina would take Wiley to safety and possibly Sonny’s place and he finds them there!

GH Spoilers – Nina Reeves Should Be Thanked But She May Be Charged

Back to Josslyn and Cameron if he is with her, he would be grateful to Nina for finding the tot but Josslyn, not so much. Josslyn will want to cover herself for taking her eyes off her little nephew, and she’ll wonder if Nina was lurking and watching! Michael as well as Carly will want to spin it as a kidnapping attempt if the verdict goes against Nina, but Willow may disagree. Wiley could have been chasing a ball towards a cliff when Nina caught him, and Willow will just be thankful she was there! Carly will definitely keep the truth about Willow being Nina’s daughter a secret, because she’ll find that out during the hearing too!

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  1. Guest says

    Please send Nina & Sonny on a world's trip for 5 years or more. Sooo tired of them.

  2. lbc says

    Definitely feel your pain. As Sonny has an island, the two could go there for R&R – viewers could stay home, have a drink of their choice and be very happy.

  3. Guest says

    Why? I'm so sick of self absorbed and entitled Carly. Everyone seems to forget what Carly was all about when she came to PC. Even Barbie with all her shenanigans. They act like they are pillars of society and better than others. To be honest, I'm tired of all of them and GH.

  4. Guest says

    Carly is such a hypocrite!

  5. Guest says

    It’s Bobbie, not Barbie.

  6. Guest says

    Sent Carly and Michael there. Sounds good to me.

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