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General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Is Iced Out When Ava Teams Up With Carly To Protect Sonny

  Spencer’s (Laura Wright) side over hers. Really, it’s not all that serious, but it’s going to feel like a big deal to Nina, who has been fighting off Carly’s uncomfortable comments about her relationship with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) since she first learned one existed. Now, Sonny is about to be at serious risk of losing everything he’s spent his life building.

His son, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), has teamed up with Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) to take him down, and the process is nearly complete. Soon, Sonny will find himself behind bars, and it’s going to take an Act of God — and the women who’ve loved him — to get him out of this. The only thing is, Nina won’t be a part of it.

General Hospital Spoilers — Nina Reeves Never Loved All Of Him

Nina may be wildly in love with the part of Sonny that she knows, but she’s been keeping herself protected from the other side of him. For some reason, they’re both okay with this. Perhaps Sonny doesn’t want to ruin the good thing he has with Nina, but it can’t feel good for her thinking he might believe she can’t hack it.

What if Sonny thinks Nina isn’t as strong or capable of loving his darker side as Carly was? What if Carly is right? When Sonny is behind bars and Nina is powerless to help him, she’s going to feel the full effect of being iced out of his life as the girlfriend who knew too little. It turns out not being comfortable with all of who Sonny is just might burn her in the end.

General Hospital: Nina Reeves


GH Spoilers – Say Ava Jerome Cassadine Picks Her Side

With Sonny in jail, his family will be scrambling to pick up the pieces of his tattering life. Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) will probably be on the outside looking in since he’s going to be the person responsible for blowing everything to bits. Without any regard for how this would jeopardize the safety of his siblings and their mothers, Sonny will be on edge from his jail cell — feeling powerless and scared for the people he loves. However, on the outside, the women from his past are going to be far more capable of piecing together the broken pieces of his life and making sure the business carries on than Nina ever would be. It’s basic survival for Ava to jump on that bus, but that doesn’t mean Nina is going to like it.

General Hospital Spoilers — Carly Spencer Comes To Sonny Corinthos’s Rescue

Ultimately, it’s going to be Carly who does the most to make sure Sonny stays afloat, with Ava’s help. After all, they both have small children with this man. Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) is likely to be far more understanding of this than Nina will be. She just can’t stand that Carly is a better fit to Sonny’s life and that she knows all of the inner workings of his business, whereas, she’s been kept completely on the outside. That being said, that’s where she asked to stay. Still, she knows that Sonny will be eternally grateful to Carly for what she’s doing — upending her life once again to run his business in his absence. How can he ever repay her? Will this remind him of how he’s always felt about her? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers as this storyline is just heating up.

  1. Nanlee says

    This to have Ava hook up with Carly to save Sonny is ridiculous cramp …Unwatchable Completely..GH writer’s putting Carly in the high light to Dave Sonny is really a wack job of stupidity on your writing..Carly is not all that to give her such a part..Wow your really making sure people don’t watch GH anymore..

  2. Lee says

    It’s About Time NINA Realizes She Just Doesn’t Have What It Takes To
    DOES!, & She’ll Be Better Off If
    She Realizes More Sooner Then
    Later Let Her Go Find Some Guy
    Who Doesn’t Live In Constant Danget, In Other Words BORING
    Like She Is, She Needs Safe, A
    Guy Like But Not VALENTIN, Some
    One Who Will Protect Her From
    Life’s Absurdities, Feed Her Needy

  3. Paula says

    Sick of Nina all together wish she was gone. And tired of Michael and his vendetta against Sonny Michael don’t care how much he is hurting his own family because of his immaturity

  4. Carmy says

    What if all this time Ava has been playing the long game of revenge against Nina, waiting for the perfect opportunity, acting as her friend. By encouraging Nina to rat out Carly, she accomplishes the mother of all revenge plot twists. Nina loses everything, because Sonny won’t forgive her for this. Michael will never allow her near his kids. And as a bonus, her long time enemy Carly goes to jail.

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