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General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Horrified, Overhears Franco’s Brain Tumor is BACK – What Will She Do?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Horrified, Overhears Franco's Brain Tumor is BACK - What Will She Do?General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is quite concerned to find out about Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) condition in this week’s General Hospital Sneak Peek.

General Hospital Spoilers – Elizabeth Baldwin Calls Dr. Terry Randolph To Coordinate Care For Franco Baldwin

In a hallway at General Hospital, Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) calls Dr. Terry Randolph (Cassandra James). General Hospital viewers will recall that Dr. Randolph is an oncologist, and originally diagnosed Franco with his latest brain tumor. She is also one of Elizabeth’s oldest friends. Elizabeth tells Terry she wants to talk about Franco’s (Roger Howarth)  next steps for treatment. She also wants to make sure that whatever the Swiss doctors are proposing doesn’t conflict with what they are doing to try to beat the tumor.

Apparently, Dr. Randolph is unable to come to the phone, as she leaves a message to call her back. Just then, Samantha McCall approaches Elizabeth. Samantha (Kelly Monaco) has a very worried look on her face as Elizabeth tells her hello and wants to know what she is doing there. She tells her that she is picking up her brother Lucas Jones (Matt Trudeau). Samantha wants to know if she heard Elizabeth right.

Elizabeth says she doesn’t know – it depends upon what Samantha heard. Samantha responds that she heard her talking about Franco having a tumor, as in a brain tumor! Samantha is about to freak out and panic, and starts getting loud, and repeats herself, and asks again, was Elizabeth talking about a brain tumor? Elizabeth interrupts her and tells her not here, they can talk about it somewhere else more private. Samantha agrees.

GH Spoilers – Samantha McCall Agrees And Elizabeth Baldwin Takes Her Somewhere Private

Elizabeth takes Samantha by the arm and walks her down the hallway. Elizabeth explains things as they walk together. She tells Samantha for one thing, Franco’s medical information is protected and it is private, obviously referring to HIPAA laws. She then informs Samantha that it is none of her business. Samantha objects, telling Elizabeth yes, it IS her business!

Samantha continues, and rather loudly that it is everyone’s business if Franco’s brain tumor is back, assuming he will go back to his previous violent behavior. Then Samantha asks Elizabeth again, a little more forcefully, demanding to know if Franco’s brain tumor is back! Elizabeth finally tells her yes. Longtime General Hospital viewers will understand why Samantha is so worried about Franco’s tumor coming back. When Franco still had the tumor, he was violent and he also played head games. He was obsessed with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and thought he was his brother.

Later, after Drew Cain (Billy Miller) came to town it was more understandable why he would think that since Drew was Jason’s identical twin and Franco had been in foster care with him. Franco had made a lot of problems for Samantha and Jason, including kidnapping her when they were on a honeymoon, filming him raping her, and making Jason watch. After he returned to Port Charles however, he tried to make amends to all he had harmed and proved that was all staged and there was no rape. But Sam is still afraid that and worse may happen if Franco’s tumor is back!

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  1. Matt Crider says

    Just when I had hope that Sam would try to bury the hatchet finally with Liz, she goes back to Franco hating ways. And as much as I understand why Sam is concerned about Franco's brain tumor coming back, perhaps her first thought should be that Liz is facing possibly losing her husband.

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