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General Hospital Spoilers Update: Catching Up With GH Alum Ryan Paevey (Nathan West)

General Hospital Spoilers Update: Catching Up With GH Alum Ryan Paevey (Nathan West)General Hospital spoilers reveal that all of the ongoing flashback episodes are sparking nostalgia for actors once on the ABC sudser. Fan fave Ryan Paevey fits that category nicely, having played Nathan West from 2013 to 2018 before leaving to explore other acting options and along the way become a Hallmark Channel favorite.

Digital Journal recently caught up with the handsome and talented star and got his take on life after his stint as a GH heartthrob. We’ve got all the juicy details for you!

General Hospital spoilers – Ryan Paevey is as busy as ever

Ryan revealed that his current outlook on life during the COVID-19 shutdown is, “Productive Lockdown,” and notes that he’s keeping busy on what’s important to him.

That includes Fortunate Wanderer, his outdoorsy, adventure company which dabbled in handmade gear, photography, and motorcycles before he closed up shop over a year ago. He’s now in the process of turning it, “into a family endeavor. I am in the middle of reviving it right now. Some of the old products will be back but it will be mostly new products.”

General Hospital spoilers – Fortunate Wanderer will be back in the near future

He encourages others to embrace that same sense of re-invention and perseverance. In particular, he gives a shout out to aspiring actors saying, “The answer can’t be ‘no’ forever. This is an industry of rejection, and you will get so many more ‘nos’ than ‘yeses.’ Don’t let that discourage you.”

“Remove the pressure you put on yourself to be perfect. Go out there and be a ‘bad actor’ since that’s the only way that you can become a ‘good actor.’ Keep your chip up. Don’t be afraid to be bad at it since that’s how you get good at it. You need to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.” I love a man who isn’t afraid to use a well-worn cliché!

General Hospital spoilers – Embrace the digital age says Paevey

While some old school film mavens are hating on the digital age of movie-making (I’m talking about you Martin Scorsese), Paevey says meh to the naysayers. “My introduction to acting was very much in the digital world,” he noted. “To me, the digital age is fine. I am a consumer of streaming services, so they are cool, provided that performers are taken care of, and the content being distributed is quality. Streaming services take a little bit pressure off the creators in terms of budget. You can make very good content without spending tons of money.”

General Hospital spoilers – How has Paevey gotten on during the lockdown?

When asked the inevitable question about how he’s doing during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, Paevy said he’s doing fine, and his isolated life isn’t that different from his normal routine.

“I’m a homebody anyway so I’ve been working at home, doing home workouts, and riding my motorcycles.”
General Hospital spoilers – What was Paevey doing prior to GH?

Believe it or not, ex-model Paevey wasn’t always in-demand eye candy. Well, eye candy yes, since he admits, “Honestly, I grew up doing construction. I was always pretty fit, I worked out a lot. I wasn’t a particularly successful model, but I was successful enough to not get fired.”

After hiring his current management team, “General Hospital happened, and then my relationship with Hallmark began, and that’s that,” he added.

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  1. Guest says

    I do miss him on GH but I love him on Hallmark more. Not only is he one of the best looking men breathing but his movies are fun, romantic, funny and heartwarming….I would welcome him back only if it didn’t interfere with his movies and his Fortunate Wanderer business, especially his jewelry line…

  2. Guest says

    yes i wanted maxie to finally get her family she always wanted i m glad she kick peter out

  3. RavenJackal says

    No. I think that Nathan was a really great person. However he has been gone for some time. His death and send off where dramatic and strong. I think that Maxie and James will be alright with Peter in the end. I believe he will come through for Maxie and his baby too. I think that it is great that Ryan found a place with Hallmark. They always have such uplifting movies and shows. I also great that he has his Fortunate Wanderer business as well.

  4. Guest says

    Want to see MORE of him on Hallmark and on other venues!!!!

  5. Guest says

    Yes I wish he was still on with Maxie

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