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General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin And Anna Kiss!

General Hospital: James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine), Anna Devane (Finola Hughes)General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Vanna is happening fans, and we have the details for you here. If you thought that Pautuck cabin scene was the end of their steamy, longing looks, we’re here to tell that they take it to the next level. Are you shipping this couple?

General Hospital Spoilers – Vanna Are A Thing Fans

James Patrick Stuart plays Valentin Cassadine on General Hospital and he recently talked to Soap Opera Digest about his character’s trajectory with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes).

In Pautuck they nearly kissed, but the smooch that wasn’t comes to life during the upcoming 4th of July holiday period according to Stuart.

According to him, he was surprised at how soon the characters go in for a kiss saying, I thought it was going to be a much slower burn.”

General Hospital Spoilers – Finola Hughes Plays Anna Devane

How does Anna react to the kiss? Not the same as Valentin who is delighted! Still, the relationship will be explored, “It’s a different relationship and so I think it can still be slow burn, despite the fact that they have kissed each other.”

He is referring to the past when they were enemies, despite both working for the WSB.

Was Stuart nervous about the clinch? “If I had been 23 years old, I would have been in a stark-raving panic,” he admitted.

General Hospital Spoilers – What Happens Next In Port Charles, New York?

So, where do Vanna go from here? The union will no doubt take the town by surprise. Upright do-gooder Anna cavorting with evil doer Valentin. But if you think about it, it makes sense. They have a shared past that allows them to understand the depths of depravity that each has and can sink to.

And when Valentin finds out that he is not a father to BLQ’s (Amanda Stetton) fake baby, he will definitely need a shoulder to cry on.  General Hospital spoilers show that’s where Anna comes in, do doubt.

Can she save him from going back to a dark place when he learns of the deception about being a dad? That would seem a natural move for the former hunchback who has traditionally railed against the world and taken his woes out on the world.

But as the actor notes, the General Hospital characters are older and hopefully wiser. Is this a match for the ages? Time will tell, but it certainly is an intriguing match. What do you think about Vanna GH fans? Tell us if you are on board!

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  1. Guest says

    I can't wait for that kiss team Vanna.

  2. Hendrix Durandisse says

    Team vanna

  3. Guest says

    I like Vanna!

  4. Guest says

    Love Vanna…a great GH match if the writers keep it going!!!

  5. Guest says them together

  6. Guest says

    I love vanna romanticly involved what better couple they know everything there is to know about each other it would be fun and active G.H needs something spicey .The hottest thing going was Britt An Jason G.H writers sure srewed that up and with jason still being carly PUPPET. I hope sonny let's carly watch as him and nina walk away together and say good bye to miss know it all carly.Carly always gets in Jason's business anyway and inserts herself into every part of his life.G.H.has let us all down,I suppose it was too good to believe that Jason might grow a pr.And be a man and Britt I thought would turn him into a real man he showed such care an love with Britt he even smiled an cracked a.couple jokes Then writers messed that up JASON can't live without carly's telling him what to do,think,she will tell him how to dress and kiss and.oh well we now see that Jason is no real man who can think for himself,he's just a puppet.Britt is too much a women for jason.She deserves a man that TRUELY loves her.And I don't think Jax can separate from carly either .It sure can't be her looks .Britt an nina both are better than Carly can even hope to be carly is horrible mother all you would here when she was pregnant is donna donna donna.all the attention donna would need .Bad carly bad writers poor donna

  7. Guest says

    I'm sure writer's will mess this up too

  8. Guest says

    Well it will end up in the pooper too just like Britt an jason

  9. Rosa Cosby says

    It's about time.

  10. Janice Miller says

    They both have kind of evil type pasts. Anna and Valentin are older and hopefully wiser now, and I think they will be good together. Now if the writers could PLEASE give Robert a good story line and find out Holly is alive and waiting for him to rescue her. It would be extra nice if the can finally find out that Holly destroyed the divorce papers and they are still married. They can finally go on the honeymoon they never had. ( That will give Tristan some free time to be on those other shows he is on, he sure likes to keep busy.) I like him on G.H. best.

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