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General Hospital Spoilers Weekly Preview Video: Devastating Truth, Life-Altering Decision, Damage Control, Courtroom Drama

General Hospital Spoilers Weekly Preview Video: Devastating Truth, Life-Altering Decision, Damage Control, Courtroom DramaGeneral Hospital spoilers and updates for the week of Monday, May 20-Friday, May 24, 2024, tease courtroom drama, explanations and failures.

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There’s drama in the courtroom for Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) offers an explanation, and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) devastatingly backslides into addiction, drinking whiskey.

General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis’ Courtroom Drama

At the court hearing where Alexis is working on getting her law license reinstated, the bailiff calls out “all rise” and the scene becomes dramatic.

Alexis knew that Fergus Byrne, (Lane Davies) the older brother of the late Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan) and Brendon Byrne (Joshua Cox) was on the review board.

But it looks like she wasn’t expecting to see him in court, and he gives her an angry and hard look.

Alexis remains confident at least on the outside as she says she has the right to face her accuser. Apparently, Fergus is the accuser-does he blame her for the deaths of his two younger brothers as well?

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GH Spoilers: Sonny’s Explanation

At the Metro Court, Sonny faces the aftermath after Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) saw him nearly beat Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) to death.

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) intervened, holding Sonny off from finishing the job, but Kristina still saw it and witnessed Sonny’s death threats.

She’s in the bathroom crying, but Sonny saw her come into the area, and drop and break the plate she was carrying.

Now there’s a danger of her losing her baby as Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) consoles her. She’s never seen her father like that and Sonny begs to offer an explanation-she’s got a look of horror on her face!

General Hospital Spoilers: Finn’s Devastating Backslide

At his apartment, Finn is very upset as he contemplates a bottle of bourbon whiskey sent him by Carmine and Gloria Cerullo (George Russo, Ellen Travolta.

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He looks crestfallen as he backslides and takes a swig, after accidentally taking a swig of champagne at Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn Quartermaine Chase’s (Amanda Setton) wedding reception.

They’d had a scare with his and Chase’s father, Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) who they’d feared was going to collapse at the podium as he officiated the wedding.

Is it Finn’s addiction that’s driving him to the bottle or has something untoward happened with Gregory since the wedding and reception?

Finn’s addiction actually hadn’t been alcoholism, he’d gotten addicted to street drugs he’d used to manage Huntington’s Syndrome before he and his bearded dragon Roxy developed a cure!

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  1. MJF says

    Finn never had Huntington’s. It was Blackwood’s Syndrome if I remember right. If it had been Huntington’s, and he had found a cure, then Britt wouldn’t have been so worried about hers progressing etc.
    I really hate to see them go down this road with him. Poor little Violet already lost her mommy, and now Grandpa is fading fast. Please don’t put her in the position of fearing she’s losing Daddy, too, or to have to be the grown up trying to take care of him. Hayden is the one who got him through it before. The only thing that would make this storyline watchable, would be if Hayden came back!

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