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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Anna Devane Be The One To Bring Peter August Down?

General Hospital Spoilers - Anna Devane (Finola Hughes)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) will be feeling ambivalent. As GH viewers know, she recently found some incriminating evidence against her son, Peter August (Wes Ramsey). She was checking into some things and found that Peter was at the same DVX company – Eurotech – as the gunman who tried to kill Andre Maddox (Anthony Washington) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) in the OR during Franco’s memory reversal procedure.

Now Anna doesn’t know what to do. She feels like she should do the right thing and hand the information she’s found over to the police so they can investigate it properly, but she also feels protective of her son. She doesn’t want to believe that Peter could have known the OR shooter, let alone that he could have killed him in cold blood.

General Hospital Spoilers – Anna Devane Doesn’t Want To Believe The Worst Of Her Son

As GH viewers know, Anna recently heard Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) theory all about how Peter allegedly arranged to set Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) free and then framed Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) for his murder. That really unsettled Anna, and the law enforcement officer in her knows that Jason is onto something. But the mother in her doesn’t want to believe what she’s heard.

Well, this all leads us to wonder whether Anna will ultimately be the one to bring Peter down. She might decide to keep the information she’s uncovered to herself and do some more investigating on her own, without involving the police. And if she does, she’s probably going to uncover more details that she doesn’t like.

GH Spoilers – Will Anna Devane Investigate Peter August Further?

In fact, upcoming GH spoilers say that Peter will soon be caught off-guard. Anna may make him feel this way, perhaps with some more pointed questions about what happened on the day of Franco’s memory reversal procedure, when he shot the OR gunman. As GH viewers know, Peter shot the gunman to cover his tracks, and then afterwards showed little guilt or remorse.

Peter also didn’t show any signs of being upset at all by having shot someone – something that Anna certainly noticed and found to be suspicious. She might question Peter some more about that incident, and chances are, she won’t like what she hears. She might also try to subtly find out about Peter’s past at Eurotech, when he previously knew the OR gunman.

General Hospital Spoilers – Anna Devane Could Be Her Own Son’s Downfall

We’ll see what Anna ends up doing with the information she’s uncovered, but we suspect that what she has found will soon come to light. Will she ultimately hand the information over to the cops, or perhaps share it with Jason for a more “under wraps” investigation? Time will tell what happens here, but Anna could be the one to bring Peter – her own son – down.

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  1. RavenJackal says

    I hope that Anna finds a way to help Peter out of this senseless situation that they have put him in. I want Anna and Peter to continue to bond as mother and son or aunt and nephew. I am still hoping that Anna is Peter’s mother with someone else. It is absolutely wrong of the writers for them to do this to Anna by trying to turn Peter into a bad guy. Anna survived for decades being tormented by Faison. She does not need to have Peter turn into a man like Faison. Peter made a promise to Robin that she did not have to worry about him becoming a man like Faison that would hurt her, her children, or Anna. I believe that promise needs to be kept. It will be extremely wrong if they make Peter break that promise to Robin. I hope that Peter had been in trouble which would explain his illogical shady actions. He can be a DVX agent who is under orders and can not get out. Peter could have also been messed with by Cabot in relation to the memory mapping project which would explain this mess. It is time for them to get Peter back on a better path and Anna can be the one to help him do it.

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