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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jason Morgan Be Recast?

General Hospital: Steve Burton General Hospital comings and goings reveal Steve Burton off the soap and Jason Morgan presumed dead. However, Jason Morgan has been presumed dead before and was brought back very much alive. And the character was also recast when Billy Miller took the role that morphed into Drew Cain when Burton returned to the soap.

General Hospital Spoilers – A New General Hospital Jason Morgan On The Way?

Right now it looks like as long as Disney mandates Covid-19 vaccines and Burton still insists he doesn’t want to get one, then he will not be returning to the soap as Disney is a large company and an actor’s vaccine issue is the least of their concerns. But will Jason return with a new actor playing him?

Not according to Variety, who reports that the show has no plans to replace Burton at this time and bring Jason back from the dead once again.

Burton wasn’t the only GH actor let go because he decided not to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Ingo Rademacher who played Jasper Jax Jacks off and on since 1996 also exited the show in a much less dramatic way. Jax just mentioned to Carly he was going home to his native Australia and that was the end of that. Jason got a much more dramatic ending as he was buried under a pile of rubble in the midst of a shootout and now the entire town is grieving a character who was already dead for several years. Now they get to do it all over again.

GH Spoilers – Port Charles Mourns Jason Morgan…Again

GH wants us to miss Jason so much that they gave us a montage on Tuesday of recreated scenes between him and Carly to work Laura Wright in to the scene where they first met. At the time Carly was played by Sarah Brown. We didn’t see any of his old scenes with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), who was the love of his life until the writers re-wrote years’ worth of story and declared Carly as Jason’s one true love.

We didn’t even get Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) and her son scenes. Monica just waxed nostalgic about Jason but with none of the old footage. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see everyone remember Jason Morgan in a saintly way.

  1. charles d. haskell says

    I would be shock/surprised if Steve Burton was rehire as long as the current rule is on the book. I truly feel sorry for the actor who will replace Steve Burton as Jason Morgan because there is too many GH fan that love the current actor in the role.

  2. Guest says

    i think there is more people that will stop watching on a regular basis because Jason is gone the show will not be the same

  3. Guest says

    Jason cannot be replaced with someone else. Steve Burton is Jason

  4. Guest says

    I want Jason and Courtney together

  5. Guest says

    Courtney was Jason’s first love before Sam came in the in the picture

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