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General Hospital Spoilers: William DeVry Talks About A Possible GH Return, Could He Be The Character Coming Back?

General Hospital Spoilers: William DeVry Talks About A Possible Return – Could He Be That “Male” Character Coming Back?General Hospital (GH) spoilers note that Julian Jerome may have “died” about four years ago, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t come back to life for another stint on the soap. Still, when William deVry left the show, rumors circled that he “wouldn’t be back”.

The actor recently caught up with about a potential return, and to set the record straight.

General Hospital Spoilers – William deVry Admits His Comments Were Taken Out Of Context

GH spoilers state that no one is truly dead in the land of daytime drama. William reveals he’s quite grateful for his time on the soap, stating, “Um… I did say that if I left I wouldn’t come back. I think that got taken out of context a bit. I also felt it’s not my job to put everything into context for everyone.

I think by reading multiple interviews I did, you’d see how much I loved my time at General Hospital. So, to be clear, it wasn’t because I didn’t love the show or my character or the people I worked with. I just felt that given the direction the character was going, there was nothing left to say.”

He adds that he doesn’t hold any grudges to ABC or GH for the decision to ax the Julian Jerome character stating it is “smart” to carry on and move on. After all, his character was “offed” during a time when the unemployment rate was high because of a global crisis (that being, the COVID-19 pandemic).

GH Spoilers – A Major Male Character Return Happening Soon

During the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy GH’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, all with the cast, interviewed with ABC7 at the awards show, when he teased that a “former cast member is coming back, and I think that the audience will go crazy for him.”

Fans are buzzing with speculation but could Julian Jerome and deVry be the very “male” that is coming back to Port Charles? William shared a conversation he had with Valentini during his interview, right before he left GH.

He states, “I also told Frank I’d be open to come back for a short stint to ‘fix’ the character. Salvage Julian’s image within [the] context of what went down within Port Charles while also producing a brand-new fresh story (including all the history fans love) that would encompass a good portion of the characters… affected by Julian’s actions. Or perceived actions.”

Still, it remains doubtful that Julian is the one returning in the weeks ahead. While a comeback is not out of the question, William also states, “Frank knows that my ‘wish’ still stands. But with new writers and a ton of new characters on the show now, I don’t see that happening.”

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  1. Nana55 says

    I would love to see William DeVry return to General Hospital. But as a new character, not as Julian Jerome. Put him back with Alexis they have awesome chemistry. Maybe as another lawyer, politician with Drew,or something like that. Not a mob boss..

  2. Ban says

    Would like to see Julian/William return. He was/is one of my favourite characters. He and Alexis had chemistry.

  3. Bonnie says


    1. Deb says

      Definitely want William DeVry back

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