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General Hospital Spoilers: Willow Needs A Kidney, Birth Mother Nina Only Match!

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) will need a kidney transplant, and her birth mother Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) will be the only viable match! This could be how the secret Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) is holding onto for dear life comes out in the open on GH!

General Hospital Spoilers – The Humbling Of Carly Corinthos, Nelle Benson’s Karma?

It would seem that the humbling of Carly is taking place with losing her half of The Metro Court because of her arrogance and a pregnant Willow needing a kidney! It feels like Nelle Benson’s (Chloe Lanier) perfect karma coming back to bite Carly because Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) has one of her kidneys! Some people call Carly’s arrogance in believing her buying all that stock in Aurora Media was such a sure thing optimism, but look what it got her!

Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) warned her not to buy up all that stock not even knowing she’d risked her livelihood in doing so. But, true to form, arrogant Carly didn’t listen to Drew because she thought she knew everything!

GH Spoilers – Carly Corinthos Could Not Have Evil Nina Reeves Be Willow’s Birth Mother

Carly couldn’t have evil Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) be Willow’s birth mother, and when she got the proof back she was she lied to Drew about the results! This was after he made her promise to tell the truth, and now she risks the truth coming out; she risks Willow’s and her new grandchild’s life as well! Carly’s hatred for Nina is so intense she doesn’t even want Nina to be tested as a donor, but it looks like she may be Willow’s only hope. Everyone has been tested who is close to Carly and to the Corinthos family, and even some who aren’t related or all that close. Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) even got tested after Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) wasn’t a match and she told them about Willow’s dire straits!

General Hospital Spoilers – The Truth Has To Come Out, Nina Reeves Steps Up

Of course Sonny talks to Nina about Willow needing a kidney and that she is pregnant, Olivia was very frantic about the deadly double danger for mother and child! Nina’s heart breaks for Willow even though they haven’t ever gotten along and she steps up to the plate and gets tested to see if she is a donor match. It turns out that that the kidney disease that Willow has is rare and genetic, which terrifies Carly since Nelle was her twin and Joss has her kidney!

Wiley Corinthos, (Viron Weaver) needs now to be screened for the disorder so Carly has to make a choice! Either she has to humble herself and tell the truth about Willow and Nina being mother and daughter or let risk Nina finding out through the donor testing!

GH Spoilers – Nina Reeves Finds Out First – Britt Westbourne Tells Her

Even though Carly and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) won’t spill the beans about the disorder being genetic to Nina, Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) finds out. Britt knows all about the hazards of not being tested for genetic diseases because of her positive test for having the genetic markers for Huntington’s Disease. Nina is her first cousin on her mother’s side so when she sees the results of the donor match test and sees also that the disease is genetic she spills! After no one else had matched the genetic factor to the disease was discovered and Nina had already gotten tested by that time too and she is the only match! Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) had been aware of the genetic disorder and tested Willow so the truth had to come out-whether Carly likes it or not!

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  1. lbc says

    Probably not – just Nina winning yet again by getting everything she wants. Nina seems to be the special of the day, and writers just can't get enough of her regardless of how fans feel.

    1. Beth Fairweather says

      I like Nina! Carly is annoying and everyone being mad at Nina all the time is starting to get annoying. Also, maybe a few less !!!!! next time? A little distracting. (!)

  2. Guest says

    Love Nina!!!

  3. Guest says

    We don’t all hate Nina. Nina has lost so much already. Her mother put her in a coma, over 25 years ago. Told her, that her baby died, even though she gave both babies away. Never told her, that she had 2 babies, and not 1. Came to find out, that she was in the coma for so long, that now she’s going through menopause, and can’t have any babies at all. The only baby she thought she did have, was killed by Carly, but by accident, and Carly never told her, that Nelle was her child, so she could never really be a mother to Nelle, now that Nelle is dead. Now Carly knows that Willow is her daughter, the only other living child that she does have, and once again, Carly is keeping that from Nina. I don’t think, that Nina is a visions person, and she tried telling Carly that sonny was alive, the minute she saw him in Nixon falls, but Carly would not let her get a word in edge wise. Then sonny and Nina, fell in love with each other. She didn’t do it, to hurt Carly and the kids, she just fell head over heels for him, and she made a few mistakes, by not telling anyone about it, but once she came home, she tried really hard to stay away from Sonny, but it was him, who kept finding her, and it’s him, that keeps finding her. She’s not your regular home wrecker that is going out of her way, to hurt Carly or his kids. Put the blame where it belongs, and that’s all on sonny corenthos. I happen to think that their good for one another, and I like them together.

    1. Emma says

      I don’t think we all hate Nina. She is not a real person. I like her .She is no worse than most all GH people! You don’t speak for all!

    2. Rose says

      I feel Nina good she needs to know about her daughter soon also I like her we need some thing different for a while. Also wish. Jason would come back be with. Carly for a while love the part when Jason marry Carly. Then found Sonny.

  4. Guest says

    Hope not; but has no one heard of the HIPPA LAW ????

  5. Guest says

    The testing was done anonymously! I don’t understand how it’s possible but it was so no HIPPA law was violated

  6. Guest says

    No but your bias is killing me

  7. Guest says

    the writers must stop attacking carly, and praising nina
    are the writers all in love with nina


  8. Guest says

    Who’s bias? The show writers?? Because if that’s who you mean I agree 100%.

  9. Guest says

    Is not right what they are doing but dose writers they are in love with crazy Nina to give her two daughters is wrong and what she is doing

  10. Guest says

    No,I don't think there killing off Willow but the truth of Nina being Willow Mother will come out…Carly will be a fool in Drew's eyes…It's a pitiful shame Carly's s revenge has went to far…I hope all shame Carly for her deceitful decision….

  11. Guest says

    I hate the current storylines so much. Not sure why all of a sudden Carly is bad and Nina is an angel!!!! I just hate it!

  12. Guest says

    POOR WILLOW She Is Gonna
    Find Out Her Leastt Favorite
    Person Not Only A Genetic
    Match But Her Biologival
    Mother, OH GEEZE Again
    Bad For Her, And She's
    Pregnant As Well, Hope
    The Pregnancy Won't Be
    At Risk.

  13. Guest says

    Doubt it but far as the truth about Carly knowing never has to come out cause only her & Drew know she ran the test & if he gets mad, oh well!! But, I'm sure the idiot writers will have Carly look bad & Nutty Nina win again!

  14. Guest says

    Exactly! Don’t let that part come out! Everyone can find out at the same time
    Stop letting Nina win! She could’ve told others that sonny was alive like his children or Ava, so her actions were on purpose! No excuses! How’s everyone else having consequences for their actions but not her?

  15. Guest says

    Hallelujah! Finally this whole Willow/Nina connection is coming out.

  16. Guest says

    It's General Hospital. The characters break the law all the time if it's in their self interest. If the law was applied we would have to replace the characters all the time.

  17. Guest says

    I agree with you. It's hilarious that the people who hate Nina the most are all saying she continues to win. Nina just lost resoundingly in court when she was trying to get visitation with her grandson. Michael, Willow, Carly, Bobbi and most of the Quartermaines were thrilled and smug when Nina lost the case. All anyone could think of is Nina got her just desserts and they were all gleeful because Nina was suffering. Sonny choose Nina because Carly didn't want him anymore unless he totally destroyed Nina for what happened in Nixon Falls.

  18. Guest says

    The writers should STOP letting Carly get away with all of her lies. And she always has someone to bail her out. I'm getting really sick of Carly.

  19. Guest says

    Probably not! Nina has been screwed so many times. I am happy if she has a relationship with willow.

  20. Guest says

    Every character has a long sob story. It’s a soap! I’m not a Carly fan but the phony, whiny, pouting acting from Nina is just awful. Enough of that. Even Sonny is awkward as the sensitive guy since his time as Mike. Acting skills limited to tough guy mob boss. Writers create bad storylines but bad acting makes us fast forward these scenes.

  21. Guest says

    I hear you and feel the same way. Nina is so self absorbed and doesn’t care who and what she destroys in the process to get what SHE wants.
    It’s disgusting that she keeps being rewarded for her disgusting and deceitful behavior. I really wish we would see some of the old Carly rather than this mature Carly. It’s time she get lowdown and dirty like them old Caroline probably would have years ago as a young girl.
    However these writers have made it very obvious that for some incomprehensible reason they favor Nina. I’ve never been a big fan of Nina’s but previously was able to tolerate her. But not any more. She’s whiny and manipulative and always the victim.
    While there are Nina supporters the Carly fans far outnumber them. And the fact that Nina keeps being rewarded by these writers only makes her more disliked.
    It’s sad that the writers don’t pay attention to what the majority of fans and viewers want. And it certainly is NOT Nina with Sonny!!!

  22. Guest says

    Love Nina

  23. J says

    Carly, Michael and josselyn are so arrogant that they deserves what’s coming to them. And I hope they get it but I doubt it. All of them are narcissistic. So not surprising that fans are pushing for Nina, she’s a little neurotic but not as crazy as Carly as spiteful and means as her kids.

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