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General Hospital: Steve Burton Fans Want Jason’s Return, Maurice Benard Supports!

Steve BurtonGeneral Hospital fans recognize that Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) has left. But that does not mean they will sit back and silently miss him. And both on Instagram and Twitter, fans keep pleading for Jason to return. 

But one of the General Hospital alum’s fans just happens to have actually worked with Steve. And Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) even took time on Twitter to show his support for Burton’s return. Get all the details on what fans say about Steve leaving General Hospital. Plus: Check out what Burton himself said below.

General Hospital  Spoilers – Fans Ask Steve Burton To Return As Jason!

Steve Burton has gathered a growing number of Instagram followers. And many communicate one wish every time that the General Hospital alum posts. They want the return of Jason. 

For instance, Burton recently posted a reflection about his challenges after exiting General Hospital. And in his Instagram post, he admitted, “Staying present is one of the hardest challenges I/we face. If you keep thinking/ living in the past in the present, the future is going to end up like the past.”

And fans flocked to respond. For example, one wrote, “You are absolutely amazing! Pushing through probably the toughest year of change. And we miss you immensely on GH!” Others agreed. For instance, another fan summed up the general view by pleading, “Can you please come back to #GH????? It desperately needs Jason Morgan. And nobody can play him like you!”

And on Twitter, fans also have pleaded for Burton to return. One tweet even got support from Steve’s former General Hospital co-star, Maurice Benard. Benard retweeted a fan’s post that read, “Steve Burton leaving left a hole in my heart!!! All these years of loving Sonny and Jason!! No one will take his place 👀.” And others quickly responded, agreeing that they miss Jason as well.

GH Spoilers –  Everything Steve Burton Shared About His Exit

However, Steve has not totally closed the door on the possibility of returning to General Hospital. And Burton got candid in discussing his departure from General Hospital. But he also opened up about the unexpected door that it opened.

“Look, the circumstance [of leaving General Hospital] was tough,” Steve told Deadline.  “And you know, that’s just the way it is. I’ll always be grateful for my time there.” And Burton shared that he views the General Hospital cast as his family. “I grew up there,” he added. 

And Burton took time to praise and thank his General Hospital supporters. “The fans have always been awesome to me. But again, some doors shut and other doors open,” pointed out the actor. And one open door led to Steve joining the Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem special series on Peacock recently.

General Hospital  Spoilers – Steve Burton Feels As If Daytime Soap Operas Symbolize Home

However, Burton recognizes that fans miss him as Jason on General Hospital. But after exiting the show last year when he did not follow its vaccine requirement, Steve seeks to stay grateful. And that means recognizing all the possibilities in the future.

For instance, Burton shared his viewpoint on life lessons learned. “You just never say never because doors continue to open. I knew there was a possibility that The Young and the Restless may call because I was on it some point,” he admitted. And as to the possibility that he could someday return to his home on General Hospital as Jason?

“I would never shut the door on daytime [soap operas],” emphasized Steve. “That’s been my place.” And Burton noted that he learned to act on soap operas. As a result, he feels as if daytime TV has turned into his home. “And there’s only four shows left now,” he added.

Tell us what you think. Do you wish that Steve Burton would return to General Hospital as Jason Morgan? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more General Hospital news!

  1. Lynn says


  2. Pk says

    He needs to return the show is off its wheels he would make it whole again

  3. Lara says

    I stopped watching when he left. The show is just not the same. I occasionally check in on it as my mother still watches, but it’s just not interesting anymore. There are too many new people and the storylines are not exciting.

  4. Diane says

    I want Steve back pronto . No one can execute stonecolds roll like he does . Actually not to say that the writers have lost it …but it’s struggling right now surrounding Sonny’s mob boss life and the enforcer and all the people that was or had relationships with him , it’s a roll back and even though Dex is doing good in his own way , I must say without jason which is a major highlight to the show . Gh needs to level up and propose a return call to Steve . Fans are not happy

  5. Steve P says

    The reality is that it is not up to Steve. He didn’t quit, he was fired because he didn’t go along with ABC/Disney vaccine mandate. Steve is not going to change his mind. It’s up to ABC/Disney if they want to relax the vaccine rules and have testing in lieu as the other network does, which is how he is able to appear on Beyond Salem.

    1. TellerofTruth says

      Follow the rules of your work place. As easy as that. His choice caused him to leave – NOT Disney. No one to blame but Steve.

  6. Gail Huskey says

    Steve Burton please come back home to General Hospital it’s not the same without you miss you so bad we need Jason back

  7. Gina Grossi says

    Yes!!! GH is not the same without Jason. Jason Sonny & Carly were the best team ever. No one can ever replace Steve Burton. He and Sonny together make GH interesting.

    1. Queen Anita says

      Is a piece of crap
      I do want Jason back
      I don’t want him to come back and still kissing up
      Carly and running behind Sonny and his crimes he need to focus more on
      His family
      The Quartermaines and being
      In his children’s life
      I rather have him back as a Quartermaine
      I never liked Jason Morgan character
      I liked him better when he was Jason Quartermaine when he was trying to go to medical school so
      they bring him back
      I hope they bring him back & he got his old memories back from years ago before the accident with AJ

  8. TellerofTruth says

    Easy solution- just follow the rules- take the shot to protect the cast and come back to the show. NO ONE is keeping him away but himself.

  9. Hootie says

    Too many characters, too many relationships and too many conflicts … I need a program to keep up. With the Covid policies changing all over the country, Disney should consider loosening theirs. Maybe inviting Steve Burton may not be such a bad idea. Having him back as “Jason” certainly couldn’t hurt the show!

    1. L,Trummen says

      I want Steve Burton back and with Britt. Britt is the strongest female on GH. Sam and Dante are the most boring and PLEASE, NO MORE ESME.. and if Nina goes that would be perfect.

      1. Remo says

        I couldn’t agree more!

      2. Queen Anita says

        would not be perfect
        Nina’s goes
        I agree with you on everything else u said
        Putting nasty
        Sam with her sister Christina and brother Leo’s brother Dante
        Is nasty
        I like Nina’s character
        I like her better than Carly
        I am sick of them dragging this Willow and Nina’s story they need to get to it cuz
        I would like to know how Michael
        would feel when he find out that his mother kept Willow from knowing Nina was her mother and
        how much everybody would like Carly then
        Since she did the same thing that she’s mad at Nina for she kept Michael from AJ now she’s keeping Willow from her mother she’s good at keeping kids away from their biological parents

  10. Mlbrown says

    I have not watched GH since they destroyed the Corinthos dynamic, which was Sonny, Jason and Carly.
    I may have been able to live with a breakup between Sonny and Carly ( although not to Nina), but Jason ( and I mean the un-replaceable actor Steve Burton), holds the whole town together! The WHOLE TOWN! No one is as intimidating, loyal, completely honest, respected and caring as Jason. He is the soul of that show and really Sonny is lost without him. It’s like macaroni and cheese. Macaroni is good alone (Sonny) or even with other ingredients, but cheese (Jason) just makes it better and we know cheese can stand alone even better than macaroni! Bring him back!!! Quick!!!

    1. Queen Anita says

      I never liked the Corinthos Dynasty anyway Sonny was a creep when he kidnapped AJ
      him and Carly
      and made him sign over his parental rights of Michael and Jason didn’t do a damn thing to stop it and that’s his biological brother that’s not much about family loyalty and Sonny and Carly was boring

  11. Jamie Cason -VanLuven Jamie says

    GH has lost is Sparkle since they forced Steve Burton out…. Covid regulations has changed significantly… Bring back the FAN’S FAVORITE and Ratings will shoot through the Roof!!! #BRINGBACKSTEVEBURTONTOGH

  12. Louise Will says

    ABC and Disney were crazy with their vax mandates! You cannot FORCE people to put something in their bodies! Remember “my body, my choice”? How come women can say that about abortions (which REALLY doesn’t apply becos they are talking about killing another body that is NOT theirs!!)
    Steve Burton is the ONLY actor who can play Jason Morgan! NO MORE MANDATES! Bring Steve back!

  13. Cheri Sineway says

    Steve is who made the show. His role as Jason was outstanding and now Sonny seems lost. He needs Jason back ASAP. The show is nowhere as good without Steve o it. I hardly watch anymore because it’s so bland. Get rid of Nina and put Carley and Sonny and Jason back together. Or even put Jason and Carley together it was good like that. You need Steve Burton he has your viewer’s.

  14. Charlotte Compton says

    Jason needs to come back to GH. The show has gone to Hell since he left. The producers and Writers are grasping to keep the show alive by a Thread! It sucks Now! Wake you Ass Up & bring Steve Burton back on the show!

  15. Charlotte Compton says

    Jason needs to come back to GH. The show has gone to Hell since he left. The producers and Writers are grasping to keep the show alive by a Thread! It sucks Now! Wake your Ass Up & bring Steve Burton back on the show!

  16. Debra stockman says

    Please come back to Gh.not the same.your the favorite

  17. Lynn says

    I stopped watching when Steve left
    Please come back you make it exciting and fun to watch

  18. Sherry says

    Pleading to GH please please bring back JASON MORGAN we need Jason to put Carly and Sonny back together he’s the only one who can make the show interesting. Sony is losing it cuz Jason is not there to talk sense into him. The show needs it’s three main characters JASON, SONNEY and CARLEY. So he’s the clue to hold the show together. So hear us the viewers we keeps the show on air without the viewers the show would end.

  19. Carrie says

    Place bring Steve, back to his role as Jason
    on GH I ‘m like other do not watch any more it
    boring , and not interesting anymore. Jason is General Hospital .

  20. Cindy says

    Please bring Steve back as Jason!! Britt and he belong together and the show is not the same without him – Sonny is not the same. Carly needs him too. Actually all the GH fans need him back.

  21. Karen Profera says

    We need Steve back and also want JaSam is just not the same for me and let’s not forget Jason and Sonny what a great team!

  22. Margaret Williams says

    Yes please bring Jason back!!!!!

  23. elvisfan says

    I think he has a right to make up his own decision but I will say one thing…..I wached GH when it was black and white and on the air for 15 minutes a day!!! And when I worked I taped it and watched it on the weekends. So I am one of those fans who really would like him to come back and finish his career as Jason. I think if he thinks things thru he will have to admit that his fans, that is us, has kept him on GH for over 20 yrs so maybe he could listen to us now and do this for us. I know he has a life too to live and kids to think of and if he decides to turn his back on the ones that got him where he is today then that is his choice and we can not beg him to change his mind. Would I like him? Of course but again….it is his decision!!! Love ya Steve whatever you decide but do not thro us away for pride>>>>>> <3

  24. Grace Mooney says

    You are bringing people back that are suppose to be dead. They never found his (Jason’s) body so got off your high horse and bring him back, how many times do people who watch the show have to tell you this.

  25. Joyce Beshires says

    I would love to see Jason return to General Hospital. My twin sister and I kissed him on his cheeks at the same time in Nashville, Tennessee. My twin has passed away since then. He is a very nice man. Whether he returns or not, I will always admire him.

  26. linda wellen says

    We miss Jason….please, please come back home to GH.

  27. Dyan Brandon says

    Omg! We need Steve back as Jason Morgan asap! I can’t stand it! I’ve been watching since I was 10 years old so for almost 50 years. I’ve put up with losing Lukelosing robinBrando almost made it tolerable without Jason but I’ve been in love since he drove his motorcycle into the Q Mansion. So please bring him back.

  28. MARY says

    I agree with all the comments. The show needs Steve back as Jason Morgan. He kept the show going, he basically was the glue that held the show together, especially Sonny and Carly. Jason is truly missed on the show. I hope he decides to come sooner rather than later.

  29. Queen Anita says

    I want Jason Quartermaine
    to come back
    I hope him and Britt gets back together
    I hope he stopped kissing
    Carly’s ass let her live her life
    he live his be more active
    his Quartermaine family and stay away from
    I like the old Jason not the Hitman Jason Morgan
    I like Jason Quartermaine
    I hope when he get his memories back he come back as a Quartermaine
    And I hope they bring back the original Drew and he changed his name to Quartermaine everybody is benefiting all the
    Quartermaine’s money but nobody wants to use the name except for people who are not blood Quartermaines like Olivia and her son who are not
    I think these writers are General Hospital don’t know what they’re doing if Carly always talking about how much she detest the coordinates why are she sleeping with all three of the brothers AJ Jason now she’s flirting with Drew I mean come on it’s disgusting that’s almost like incest when your siblings condoms to sleep with their mate
    It makes Carly look like a slut going through the whole family who else you going to sleep with next Ned ?

    1. Queen Anita says

      Excuse the mistype it’s supposed to say if Carly supposedly detest the Quartermaines
      Is she going through the Quartermaine men sleeping with all three brothers
      These General Hospital writers
      I feel they don’t know what they’re doing they got family sleeping with family that’s not normal it’s disgusting you got Brothers sharing the same woman you might as well put on your brother’s condom
      If you want to sleep with the same woman that’s a line you should never cross and they showing us on TV that’s normal inappropriate a girl have a baby by a guy
      Then she have a baby by his brother the mother turns around and have a baby with the same man her daughter was pregnant by I mean come on is this what TV has come to ?
      If that’s the case they need to take it back to the old-fashioned days when certain things wasn’t appropriate to be shown on television

  30. Isabelle Harris says

    Please let Jason come back . The show is missing him . It’s not the same . I hate to stop watching , I have been watching since 1976 and the show made my day . I don’t have much longer to live and with Jason returning would make me so happy.

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