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Why General Hospital Needs To Bring Back Julian Jerome

Why General Hospital Needs To Bring Back Julian JeromeGeneral Hospital has been missing something since just before last Christmas and it’s not just Sonny’s memory. It’s the other guy who plunged into the river that night, Julian Jerome. Sonny lost his memories and it looked as if Julian really did lose his life. Except, is anyone ever really dead on soaps? We hope Julian’s death was greatly exaggerated because he’s really needed back in Port Charles.

General Hospital Needs The Jiblings

First, Ava needs her brother and he’s gone. The chemistry between William deVry and Maura West was always palpable and if they weren’t playing brother and sister, they would have been a great romantic pairing. Instead, they were a great sibling pairing and we miss their banter — and the fact that they’d literally do anything for one another.

GH – Charlie’s Was A Great Hot Spot

We liked Charlie’s pub and the guy behind the bar in the plaid shirt. Now Sonny (Maurice Benard) is a guy behind a bar in a plaid shirt in a set that looks like it’s been turned around. Except Charlie’s was much hipper than the Tan-O and even had actual customers. Make things, right, General Hospital. Put Sonny back in the mob and Julian back behind the bar always toying with going back to the mob.

General Hospital – What About Kim Nero’s Kid?

For some reason we got to learn that Kim (Tamara Braun) had Julian’s baby during the characters’ long journey into night and into the river. Remember how Julian refused to die no matter what anyone did to him? And somehow he made it to New York City where he learned Kim had a baby. Then, we saw Kim’s nanny call an off-screen Kim and allude to the fact that Julian fathered the baby. That’s still hanging out there and somehow needs to be resolved. There’s no point in letting us know Julian has another kid out there and then resolving it while Julian is dead.

Julian also never resolved his tense relationships with his two adult children, Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Lucas (Matt Trudeau), while Leo will grow up not knowing who his biological father is.

GH – Julian Jerome Is Funny

Let’s face it. Julian could always make you laugh. He was ruthless one moment, tender the next, sarcastic at another moment, and bumbling the next. He was a character who never failed to entertain and General Hospital needs him.

  1. Guest says

    Couldn't agree more. They did a great disservice by killing off Julian. William has said adamantantly that he will not come back and I don't blame him. The show has been "lame" as of late.

  2. Guest says

    Yes right a serious wrong. Come on GH..fix this. You would have endless storyline

  3. Liza says

    Love these thoughts about following up on Kim’s baby. I do miss DeVry but not sure about bringing back all the already worked stories that would have to come up with Olivia and Leo and Sonny and Drew. What about if he really was Drew’s kid?

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