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Chesapeake Shores Stars On Making Possible Spinoff On Hallmark

Cast of Chesapeake Shores season 6 on Hallmark Channel
Chesapeake Shores cast [Image @emilie.ullerup/Instagram]

In the last couple of years, Hallmark Channel has canceled several popular series including Chesapeake Shores, Good Witch and Ride. Fans were heartbroken, while some were still missing Cedar Cove which was canceled some years ago, Cedar Cove.

However, there is hope for fans as a Chesapeake Shores alum has revealed that the stars of the series are trying to find a way to bring it back to our screens.

Chesapeake Shores stars talk about possible spinoff on Hallmark 

Cast of Chesapeake Shores season 6 on Hallmark Channel
Chesapeake Shores cast [Image @emilie.ullerup/Instagram]

Stephen Huszar was recently interviewed by Us Weekly, revealing that the cast of Chesapeake Shores is working on ways to bring the series back as a spinoff.

 “That’s really up to the producers and Hallmark, of course,” he said. “But I think everyone would agree. We’d love to get back together, especially at that beautiful location where we shot on Vancouver Island.”

When Hallmark canceled the show in 2022, they claimed they did so to end the series on a “high note.” At that time the feel-good network wrote on Twitter:

We are so proud of Chesapeake Shores, a show that has captured imaginations and was reaching a natural conclusion and we decided to wrap up the show on a high note in the sixth and final season, which premieres later this summer.


Also at the time, TV Series Finale reported lower ratings during the fifth and second-to-last season. Season 5 averaged around .10 in the 18-49 age range, around 46 percent lower in that demographic than the previous season. Moreover, rates were 15 percent lower in live + same-day viewership ratings.

There was almost a Chesapeake Shores movie

Teaser for finale of Chesapeake Shores
Chesapeake Shores [Image Hallmark Channel]

Meanwhile, there was talk back in 2019 of a Chesapeake Shores spinoff movie. However, it didn’t happen. It was planned to be an on-location movie starring all three O’Brien sisters: Abby (Meghan Ory), Bree (Emilie Ullerup) and Jess (Laci Malley). However, the movie idea was eventually dropped, with executive producer Daniel Paulson saying:

I’d be happy to do holiday or specials for them and I know When Calls the Heart has done that. Maybe if the fans speak up and let that be known, we could do one.

We talked about doing one last year, but COVID reared its ugly head. It was going to be a destination film where the three sisters would go somewhere, because they’re great together. We talked about Ireland since the family is from there and actually wrote a script. Every season we would do a different exotic location.

Readers, would you like to see a Chesapeake Shores spinoff, or possibly a movie? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

  1. Pat Sneed says

    I was so disappointed when they ended Chesapeake Shores. I would LOVE to see some follow up projects

    1. Betty says

      I would too Pat. I loved this series. I had read all the Chesapeake Shotes books.

  2. Sheri says

    Yes! !

  3. Vanessa says

    Yes, yes, yes! Bring it back! Loved the characters of Chesapeake Shores!

  4. Shell says

    Please, please please bring back a spinoff or a movie. This was my favorite show on Hallmark besides when calls the heart..

    1. Pam says

      Yes, please bring Chesapeake Shores back. We loved this show and many others that were dropped.

  5. Karen Mecker says

    I hope Hallmark brings the weekly show back, I really enjoyed the show. A movie would be my second choice!

  6. Denise Hillman says

    I would love a spinoff of the series! I really loved the series and hated when it ended..

  7. Danese says

    I loved Chesapeake Shores & the all the actors, the setting was georgeous. It was so sad that it was ended so abruptly , when Calls The Heart has been running for years. You did the same with Cedar Cove, which I also loved. Please bring back Chesapeake Shores.

  8. Opal says

    I would only watch it if Abby and Trace got back together. They went in a very wrong direction when he left. Season 5 + were boring and didn’t make sense. The writing took a dive. As much as I loved the first four seasons, I won’t watch unless they bring Abby and Trace back and make that right.

  9. Paige Bailey says

    Yes, loved the show. Sad when it went off.

  10. Tina says

    Would love a Chesapeake Shores spin-off or even a movie. I hated when they ended it.

  11. Jo says

    Absolutely! great show .

  12. Nancy Steffa says

    I would love to see more Chesapeake Shores movies!

  13. Octavia Walker says


  14. Mallory says

    I will love to have a Chesapeake shores spinoff or a movie episode.I was sad when it ended.

  15. Kay says

    Yes! Loved the show!

  16. Rose says

    Do a Chesapeake Shore special movie and acknowledge Treat Williams death. I loved this ahow

  17. Marley Bosshardt says

    I just finished watching the entire series last week and I am sad it is over. Please bring it back! Chesapeake shores is one of those shows that could go on forever!!!

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