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Evergreen Lane Is Back In Haul Out The Holly: Lit Up On Hallmark Channel

Haul Out the Holly on Hallmark Channel
Photo: Ellen Travolta, Wes Brown, Carrie Morgan, Seth Morris, Peter Jacobson, Melissa Peterman, Lacey Chabert, Jennifer Aspen, Eric Mabius Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Natalie Cass

Hallmark fans have been waiting for a sequel to last year’s Haul Out the Holly and now it is coming to the network as part of the Countdown to Christmas programming event. Meanwhile, Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown, Stephen Tobolowsky, Melissa Peterman and Ellen Travolta are back. They are set to have a festive face off with Seth Morris and Jennifer Aspen, coming this weekend. Read on to find out more about the movie and its cast, see fun images taken on the set and watch a trailer for the festive fun movie.

Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up is coming to Hallmark Channel

Haul Out the Holly on Hallmark Channel
Photo: Carrie Morgan, Wes Brown, Peter Jacobson, Laura Wardle, Lacey Chabert, Ellen Travolta, Walter Platz Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Natalie Cass

According to the official synopsis, the holidays are approaching in Evergreen Lane, with Emily (Chabert) and Jared (Brown) looking forward to celebrating the holidays together again, this time as a couple. In fact, Emily, now embracing Evergreen Lane’s uniquely festive spirit, is ready to work with Jared, Ned (Tobolowsky), Mary Louise (Travolta) and Pamela (Peterman). They aim to make this year’s Christmas celebrations the best yet, even if being the HOA president’s girlfriend doesn’t stop those dreaded decorating citations.

Haul Out the Holly on Hallmark Channel
Photo: Melissa Peterman Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Caty Gainer

However, when a house on the block goes up for sale, this causes quite the stir with the residents. Even worse, their soon-to-be neighbors turn out to be holiday royalty, the Jolly Johnsons (Morris, Aspen). It certainly looks like this year’s competition is about to heat up. Meanwhile, as the welcoming committee prepares for the new arrivals, only one thing is certain – this Christmas, Evergreen Lane is going to sleigh!

Where have you seen the cast before?

Haul Out the Holly on Hallmark Channel
Photo: Wes Brown, Lacey Chabert Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Natalie Cass

Lacey Chabert is back as Emily and is known for her role in The Wedding Veil movies, while Wes Brown, who plays Jared, is known for Sweet Pecan Summer. Stephen Tobolowsky, who plays Ned, has previously starred in One Day at a Time and Spaceballs, while Melissa Peterman is known for Reba. Ellen Travolta, who plays Mary Louise, has previously starred in Charles in Charge.

Haul Out the Holly on Hallmark Channel
Photo: Ellen Travolta Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Natalie Cass

Meanwhile, Seth Morris, who plays one of the Jolly Johnsons, has previously been seen in History of the World: Part II. He plays opposite Jennifer Aspen, known for starring in Party of Five.

Behind the Scenes of Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up

Haul Out the Holly on Hallmark Channel
Photo: Lacey Chabert Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Caty Gainer

Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up is from Hallmark Media. Michael R. Goldstein, Alexandre Coscas and Chabert are executive producers, while Chris Sey is a co-executive producer and David Wulf serves as a producer. The movie is directed by Maclain Nelson from a script penned by Chris Sey, based on characters created by Andy Sandberg.

When does the movie premiere on Hallmark Channel?

Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up premieres on Saturday, November 25 at 8 pm ET/PT on Hallmark Channel as part of the popular Countdown to Christmas programming event. Watch a trailer for the movie here:

Readers, are you excited to see the gang back in Evergreen Lane for a fun sequel? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


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