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Hallmark Has No Future Plans For Sex Scenes In Their Movies!

The Hallmark Channel has no plans to include sex scenes in their content, particularly their beloved Christmas movies. Yes, the network made it clear to fans that they would not be adding scenes of a sexual nature to their seasonal family movies after Lifetime made a gutsy move with their own Christmas content.

Hallmark Channel – Has No Future Plans For Sex Scenes

During the 2023 Christmas season, Lifetime’s movie A Cowboy Christmas Romance featured a mature adult scene never seen on that network before or its competing network’s for the holiday season such as Hallmark. The scene between Jana Kramer and Adam Senn had Christmas movies fans talking!

When asked if Hallmark would take a chance and incorporate such scenes into their content, Executive Vice President of Programming Lisa Hamilton Daly made it clear said, “In a Christmas movie? No!” Daly went on to add, “I think our series occupy a little different space. Our movies are very much leading up to that final kiss. It’s all built up to that. Our series have a different pattern to them.”

Hallmark Has No Future Plans For Sex Scenes In Their Movies!

Hallmark Channel – Plans To Keep Christmas Content Tradition

Aside from Daly pointing out that the storyline plots and patterns are much different the demographic is as well.

Lifetime’s demographic is typically women above the age of 18 years of age, while Hallmark sees a mixed demographic and is extremely family friendly as well.

Daly also went on to add that Hallmark is a living room friendly network. They won’t get racy by any means when it comes to the leads sharing an intimate moment but the network isn’t afraid to shake things up within reason.

“Some of those kisses go a little longer, they get a little spicier, but we are never going to be anything but pretty much PG,” Daly said.

Hallmark Channel – Lifetime Plans To Up The Ante

Meanwhile, Lifetime is looking to gain new audience members and entertain the current network watchers who are looking for more adult content.

“We think that there’s an audience out there that’s hungry for grown-up romance, and we’re looking forward to adding some smolder to the usual holiday sugar and spice,” Tia Maggini, Lifetime’s senior vice president of scripted content, shared.

It appears the two networks are going in very different directions when it comes to their Christmas movie line-up.

Readers, are you excited about these two, new and original movies, coming to Hallmark Channel in March 2024? Let us know in the comments section below.

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