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Is Angela Canfield (Vienna Leacock) Leaving When Calls The Heart?

Is Angela Canfield (Vienna Leacock) Leaving When Calls The Heart?Hallmark Channel When Calls The Heart spoilers and updates ask the question, is Angela Canfield (Vienna Leacock) leaving the show? She is the daughter of Joseph and Minnie Canfield (Viv Leacock, Natasha Burnett) and the older sister of Cooper Canfield (Elias Leacock).

When Calls The Heart Spoilers – A Few Characters’ Fates In The Balance

Angela, who is blind, was introduced in Season 8, when her family moved to Hope Valley when her father took the pastorate of the Hope Valley Church.

The finale of season 11 seems to set up a potential exit for the character, although nothing is written in stone.

While talking with her friends, the young girl mentioned the prospect of attending a college in Hamilton that specializes in training teachers for the visually impaired.

Angela was excited about the school, but her mom was concerned about how far away Hamilton is from Hope Valley; she assured her mom that the school is “just an idea,.”

Then Minnie decided to ask Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) about it since it was her idea-Elizabeth apologized for overstepping and said there is “still plenty of time to explore other options.”

Minnie noted that she overreacted, but the teacher validated her feelings and agreed that the college is far away- “I can’t imagine Jack Thornton Jr. (Hyland Goodrich) leaving home,” Elizabeth added.

WCTH Spoilers – Minnie And Joseph Discuss The Situation

Later on in the episode, Minnie told her husband about Angela’s desire to go to the school Elizabeth recommended; “Hamilton? That’s so far away,” Joseph told his wife. “Does Angela seem serious about this?”-Minnie responded: “It’s hard to say, it’s a ways away … but sooner or later we’ll have to face the fact that she’s growing up.” She added that least they can “take comfort in knowing that our love made her strong.”

It’s unclear if the Canfields will allow Angela to attend the school, but Minnie has a history of being overly protective with her daughter. When the family first arrived in Hope Valley, Minnie home-schooled Angela and was hesitant to enter her into the school system.

After some encouragement from Elizabeth, however, she finally let Angela attend the Jack Thornton School with her younger brother.

When Calls The Heart Spoilers – Real-Life Family Connections

Off-camera, the Canfields are played by a real family. Joseph is portrayed by Viv Leacock, while his daughter Angela, who is sighted in real life, is played by Vienna, and his son Cooper is played by Elias.

Natasha Burnett, who plays Minnie, is not related to the Leacocks, but she considers herself a “fun aunt” to her co-star’s children.

Burnett shared with Us Weekly that because Viv was comfortable with her, the kids also became comfortable with her. She feels like the fun aunt and wants to make sure the children feel comfortable asking her questions when their dad is not around.

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