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Is Hallmark Pushing When Calls The Heart Elizabeth & Nathan’s Romance Too Hard?

Hallmark Channel When Calls The Heart Spoilers: Unveiling the Hearties' Accusations-Is Hallmark Pushing The Elizabeth & Nathan Romance Too Hard?Hallmark Channel When Calls The Heart spoilers and updates tease some Hearties are accusing Hallmark of pushing the Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow)-Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) romance too hard.

For the first time in the show’s history, Hallmark has sent the pair on a promotional tour, and some Hearties think they’re pushing the envelope!

Hallmark Channel – When Calls The Heart Spoilers – The Promo Tour

Erin Krakow and Kevin McGarry took a delightful approach to promoting WCTH and the budding romance between Elizabeth and Nathan. Despite the curiosity surrounding Mamie Laverock and Lori Loughlin’s possible return, they did hint at an exciting romantic moment in the season finale.


This has stirred up quite the debate among Hearties, with some playfully calling the show “Soap Valley” and others expressing concerns about the promotional strategy.

It’s certainly a departure from the norm for When Calls the Heart, considering Hallmark has never set up promotions like this before.

They have been on a tour of the New York City chat circuit talking to publications and making some television appearances about the show and Nathan and Elizabeth’s romance.

Hallmark Channel WCTH Spoilers – Hallmark’s Promoting This Romance Hard-Maybe Too Hard?

Hallmark is really hyping up this romance, but not everyone is thrilled about Nathan and Elizabeth; some are still pining for Chris McNally’s Lucas Bouchard to reunite with her.

McNally’s popularity on social media’s been through the roof all season, so is a good sign-it makes sense why the network is trying to shift the focus to the new romance.

But, what’s the fan sentiment, and do all feel their voices are being heard by the network-the nickname “Soap Valley” fits-it’s usually soap fans in conflict over couples!

In a departure from the norm, Erin Krakow is going all out to promote a romantic storyline for her character Elizabeth Thornton in the middle of the season.

While some of the prominent Hallmark stars occasionally engage in promotional activities, this is the first time Erin Krakow has been actively participating in the promo circuit.

Hallmark Channel When Calls The Heart Spoilers – Here’s What Hearties Are Saying

Typically, promotional interviews take place before the season begins or involve smaller interviews with Hallmark partners or podcasts-the penultimate Season 11 episode titled “Run To You,” airs this Sunday.

The stars of When Calls The Heart are now promoting the final season episodes, which is a departure from the usual promotional strategy.

Numerous Hearties express deep concern over this peculiar conduct; a Twitter user questioned, “Why are E and K excessively promoting S12-I haven’t witnessed such fervor since Chris’ era in S9.

These interviews they’re doing (I’ve only seen one) only serve to alienate me from the soap valley soap opera world, and I’m content with that!

Other fans had mixed opinions, with many agreeing and a few even suggesting that Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing) should come back from the dead.

Hallmark Channel WCTH Spoilers – Are Lucas Fans Fighting Online With Nathan Fans?

Some fans really seem toxic for claiming to be fans of such a wholesome and normally peaceful, nonviolent show.

Here are some examples running the gamut: It looks like Lucas fans are having an impact-I’m officially done with this show-the character of Lucas Bouchard has been completely ruined.

Another fan complains Kevin McGarry will never be able to match @ChrisMcNally’s performance on When Calls The Heart; they’re trying to sell the toxic pairing of Elizabeth and Nathan!

Another minced no words-why endorse a plot where a man who emotionally abused a woman now acts loving towards her and the child he left fatherless?

I’m not interested in watching anymore-I wish I could get a refund for the seasons I bought; it upsets me to see this.

Hallmark Channel When Calls The Heart Spoilers – Fans Are Definitely Divided Over The Promo Aspect

More fan social media chatter read like this-E and K are really close friends in real life, which got me thinking about something.

Did he only become the main actor because one of the producers is promoting him? If that’s the case, it’s really disappointing-anyway, I’m not interested in soap operas.

It’s normal for TV shows to go on promotional tours- Bridgerton just finished a global press tour yesterday-but we’ve never seen this much promotion before; it seems desperate.

And who wants the main character to end up with the widow-only crazy Nathan/KM fans, the story just doesn’t make sense anymore. But imagine if Mountie Jack became undead, now that would really be a cliffhanger!

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  1. Ellen says

    This is a ridiculously biased article. There are so many posts on social media with fans excited about this season and the recent interviews – yet this article is only citing posts of a small minority of the fan base.

    1. Connie Kelly says

      I totally agree with Ellen! This writer needs to find a new career. It is totally biased and has some inaccurate descriptions of what is going on. The ratings for this show are off the charts and doing awesome so there are many fans who are loving the Elizabeth/Nathan relationship!!

    2. MJ says

      You are absolutely right Ellen. I have noticed that quite a lot of articles are totally biased. Although, she is correct about the toxic claims from Lucas fans. I have found that there a quite a few Lucas fans that are extremely toxic and it started in season 8 and is much worse now. I for one would not want those kinds of people as my fans, but no one does anything about it because they are Lucas fans. Now if Nathan fans acted like these toxic Lucas fans, we would be scolded, our comments would be deleted, and we would be blocked. I am among the roughly 70-80% Nathan fan base and am happy they are returning the show to its roots.

  2. Kathy Thompson says

    Well Rita seems you are a Lucas fan and far far off base if you think Nathan fans are not over whelming in their support! Who do you think is watching WCTH and giving the highest rated season?!?
    And the one fan you cited who said that Nathan abolished a woman and left her fatherless? What show was she watching. Total Biased hit job of an article!!! Rita!

  3. Linda Bryant says

    No, they are not pushing Elizabeth and Nathan too much. I have been waiting six years for them to be together. I am thrilled and delighted. Please do not change this. Lucas has a bad past. Elizabeth deserves a better man.

  4. Aloysius V says

    The problem is Chris McNally (Lucas) is a handsome and talented actor. His fans can’t except the direction of the show. Some of these fans are obsessive and extreme. And it’s irresponsible to continue to incite them with false or exaggerated reports. The show is better than ever. Lucas has a great storyline. Nathan and Elizabeth are perfect together. Kevin and Erin interviews just demonstrate the undeniable chemistry they share. We can’t get enough of them.

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