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Is Lacey Chabert Leaving Hallmark?

Lacey Chabert has been dubbed the new “Queen of Hallmark” after most of the network’s big name actresses jumped ship and joined Great American Family.  So far Lacey Chabert has been loyal without a fault to Hallmark, but is that about to change?  Keep reading for all the details!

Is Lacey Chabert Leaving Hallmark

Hallmark Channel stars have been making a steady stream of exits since the network’s competition Great American Family began cranking out their own movies. 

Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar and Jen Lilley all left Hallmark and signed contracts with GAF in the past two years, and those are just a few of the actors that have bailed.

Is Lacey Chabert Leaving Hallmark?

Technically, fans can now watch Lacey Chabert on Great American Family, but there doesn’t seem to be any truth to the rumors that Chabert is signing contracts with Hallmark’s rival (that could always change though). 

Great American Family just merged with Pure Flix, another streaming giant.  So, you can now watch Pure Flix movies on GAF.  It just so happens that one of Chabert’s movies are in the Pure Flix library.

Lacey Chabert’s – Movie On GAF

PureFlix took to social media to promote their new movie, which is actually 10 years old.  On Instagram the network posted, “June just got a lot brighter ‘Christian Mingle’, the classic 2014 romcom starring Lacey Chabert and Jonathan Patrick Moore, starts streaming on June 27th!”

So, technically yes, you can watch Lacey Chabert on Great American Family this month.  But, she is still very much on Hallmark Channel’s payroll and has multiple movies in the pipeline right now at the network. 

Plus, Chabert just scored her own TV show at Hallmark that is called Celebrations with Lacey Chabert and is set to air later this year.

Do you think Lacey Chabert will ever really leave Hallmark Channel?  Are you looking forward to her new TV show? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Hallmark news and updates.

  1. Yvonne Reese says

    I think Lacey Chabet is a terrific actress. I look forward to her movies. She seems to take on many challenges and makes them believable.

  2. Karen says

    I hope Lacey doesn’t leave. I don’t like GAF and don’t watch it. I think it’s horrible that those actors turned their backs on the one that made them!

  3. Shelley says

    I can’t imagine Lacey leaving. Like others (not all) but I always felt that CCB, became more “big headed” and tried to take fame to the top became conceded along with grabbing for more $$$. Nothing was enough. Lacey is true, unselfish, loves family which comes first and truly enjoys life. She’s true to her followers and to family. She’s happy

  4. Will says

    I can’t see her jumping to a sinking enterprise…I have not seen any of their movies or products they have made (?), nor seen any of the so-called actors that jumped ship show up in anything new in the past two years. I think this is nothing more than propaganda by that new network trying to undermine the current successful actors and their programs. I used to enjoy When Calls The Heart but since they killed off Jack it has not been worth watching. There is no chemistry between Elizabeth and Lucas, and there is only so much the excellent repertoire supporting cast can do with the weak writing. I was thrilled to see them add some ethnic representation but the Canfields are so sickeningly sweet and perfect they have no basis in reality. I gave up. It is nice to see new faces being promoted on Hallmark and some are very impressive right off the bat!!

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