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Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Travis Kelce Admits He’s A Fan Of Hallmark Movies

Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce watches Hallmark movies
Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce watches Hallmark movies [Image @killatrav on Instagram]

In an interview on his New Heights podcast, Kansas City Chiefs star and Taylor Swift’s man admits that he watches Hallmark Channel movies. In the podcast, that aired on Wednesday, April 24, between Travis Kelce, 34, and his friend and comedian, Andrew Santino, the pair discussed Lindsay Lohan’s Netflix movie, Irish Wish. Meanwhile, Santino, 40, said his wife is a huge Hallmark fan and then asked Kelce if he also watches the feel-good movies.

Taylor Swift’s man Travis Kelce admits watching Hallmark movies

Taylor Swift boyfriend Travis Kelce watches Hallmark movies
[Image @killatrav on Instagram]

During the podcast, Santino asked Travis Kelce, “Are you a Hallmark guy, Trav?”

“I dabble now, yeah,” Travis admitted.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift fans were quick to note that before Travis had started dating Taylor Swift, he had said that he didn’t watch TV or movies. Fast forward to now, and it seems that Swift, 34, is the reason he is now a “Hallmark guy.”

One Swiftie wrote on X, “Just before Tay he said he never watched TV or films anymore and we thought Taylor would be forcing him to see [highbrow], artistic indies,” adding: “Nope. It’s Hallmark movies and Love is Blind.”

‘Huge fan’ of Hallmark Channel

As for Kelce, he claims it’s more about hometown pride. The Chiefs major player has lived in Kansas City since 2013 while winning three Super Bowls and helping support the franchise.

“Well, you like the cards, so you might as well like the movies,” Santino said.

“I mean, I’ve been there for f**king 11 years. I see it all the time,” Kelce said, finally admitting he’s a “huge fan” of the Kansas City-based brand.

Meanwhile, Travis’ interest in the feel-good movies could open up interesting pathways for his eventual post-football career. While his brother, Jason, 36, recently quit the NFL, Travis must know he’s coming to the end of his playing career.

Clearly, Kelce is doing well as executive producer of the podcast, New Heights.  He also worked on the 2014 war dramedy, My Dead Friend Zoe. Moreover, Taylor Swift’s man is reportedly reuniting with the team to produce a documentary about artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

You never know, maybe fans will get to see Kelce creating Hallmark movies, or even starring in one. He had previously told People that he is “definitely interested” in acting opportunities once his sports days are over.

Readers, are you excited about the possibility of Travis Kelce creating, or even starring in Hallmark Channel Movies? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below.

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