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The Way Home Star Chyler Leigh Wants Her Supergirl Sister On The Hallmark Show

The Way Home star Chyler Lee with Supergirl star Melissa Benoist
The Way Home star Chyler Lee with Supergirl star Melissa Benoist [Image @supergirlcw on Instagram]

Chyler Leigh is known for her role on the medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy and for Hallmark’s The Way Home. However, she has also starred in Supergirl, which rapped in 2021. In the series, Leigh played Alex Danvers, the sister to Melissa Benoist’s Kara Danvers.

Meanwhile, the pair still have a close bond and have both previously spoken of their friendship. Now, Chyler has revealed that she would love to reunite with Melissa on her newest series, The Way Home. She even has a great idea about how her Supergirl sister could join the popular time travel show, which has been renewed for season 3.

Chyler Leigh wants her Supergirl sister Melissa Benoist to star in The Way Home

Evan Williams, Chyler Leigh and Sadie Laflamme-Snow in The Way Home on Hallmark
Evan Williams, Chyler Leigh and Sadie Laflamme-Snow [Image @thewayhomehallmarkchannel on Instagram]

For those who have yet to watch the Hallmark series The Way Home, the show follows a mother and daughter who return home to the Canadian farm and mother and grandmother Del. While they adjust to living with Del they find a mysterious, time-traveling pond that leads them to the past. In the finale episode of season 2, fans learned that they are not the only ones able to travel through time.

Now, Chyler Leigh wants her Supergirl sister to star alongside her in the Hallmark series. Meanwhile, Chyler believes Melissa Benoist would be a good fit for the series and which role would be perfect for her friend, saying:

I think maybe a Lady of the Pond. She comes up, kind of levitating so it’s a little nod back to Supergirl. I could see her coming up and singing with her beautiful voice. I would love if she would be on the show. I miss her dearly.

Mellissa would be a good fit

Trailer for season 2 of The Way Home
[Image Hallmark Channel on YouTube]

While Leigh does seem to be joking about the levitation in her interview with TV Line, adding the new character isn’t a stretch of the imagination. The time travel aspect of the popular series makes the introduction of Melissa as a “Lady of the Pond” is an interesting storyline for The Way Home.

In seasons 1 and 2 of the time-travel drama only those in the Landry bloodline seem to have the time-traveling skill. Moreover, theoretically, there should be more people out there with the skill, including more Landry family members.

Chyler Leigh and Evan Williams in The Way Home
Photo: Evan Williams Chyler Leigh Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Michael Tompkins

After the major cliffhanger at the end of season 2, fans know little so far about the continuing story. That finale opens up all kinds of exciting ideas for season 3 of The Way Home.

As for Melissa, she has been busy with voice work and with the Max drama, The Girls on the Bus.

Meanwhile, it is currently unknown when season 3 of The Way Home will drop in 2024, which could leave Benoist open for a new and exciting time travel role.

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