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When Calls The Heart Recap & Spoilers 04/10/22: Season 9 Episode 6 “Past, Present, Future”

When Calls The Heart Recap & Spoilers 04/10/22: Season 9 Episode 6 "Past, Present, Future"Tonight on the Hallmark Chanel When Calls The Heart airs with an all-new Sunday, April 10, 2022, season 9 episode 6 and we have your When Calls The Heart recap below. On tonight’s  WCTH season 9 episode 6 called, “Past, Present, Future” as per the Hallmark Channel synopsis,

“Lee writes a new editorial in the Valley Voice. Meanwhile, Gowen worries about the oil company’s intentions now that Fiona has all but secured a deal with investors.”

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A traffic jam in town has some of the locals irritated. Nathan cleans up the mess while Bill watches Newton. Elizabeth comes to town. She sees Rosemary. She has heard that Fiona finalized the deal with the oil company. She has a bad feeling about Jerome. Rosemary tells her to speak with Lucas about it. Elizabeth finds Lucas who tells her he has a good deal that is about to close with Jerome. He seems excited. Elizabeth doesn’t say anything.

At the store, Florence vents to Ned that people are being rude. He isn’t really listening. They are missing cans of peaches. Meanwhile, Mike stops by the pharmacy. He comments on how great Faith looks. After he leaves, she and May talk. Faith asks May why she and her husband split. May isn’t up for sharing.

Lee complains about the traffic to Bill and Nathan. Bill points out that he can use the paper to bring attention to the matter. Bill then tells Nathan he is worried about his horse who is skittish near traffic. Across the street, half the town is in awe of the ice cream parlor. Robert and Allie had a mishap with a seltzer bottle, creating a mess everywhere.

Henry pulls Lucas aside at the mines. He thinks Jerome is pulling a fast one on them. Back at the station, Nathan and Elizabeth reprimand Allie and Robert for their trouble-making at the ice cream parlor. Elizabeth laughs when the kids aren’t listening.

Mike asks Faith out to dinner. She is surprised but he clears up her shock. He needs her advice on being the mayor. He isn’t asking on a romantic level. She agrees to help him. Across the way, Lee attempts to talk to a construction crew building something in town. He and Joseph ask what the men are doing. Lee ends up in a scuffle with one of the men. Rosemary comes running.

Bill, Fiona, Henry, and Lucas meet to discuss what to do about the Jerome deal. They may be stuck in their contract.

Faith looks over Lee after his tussle. He is fine, she tells him. At the saloon, May and Nathan share a drink. He tells her about his childhood horse and his concerns for Newton. Meanwhile, Florence and Molly approach Lucas about hosting etiology classes at the saloon. He tells them no. Lee and Rosemary feel awkward when they run into Faith and Mike at the saloon. Lee is just about to release an editorial on the streets and cars in town. He just thinks Mike isn’t the man to be mayor.

Elizabeth asks Lucas about his black eye and Jerome. She worries about the deal he is involved in. Lucas calms her. He has it under control.

Minnie and Jospeh work at the cafe. It is very busy. The townspeople are all out talking to each other about what the paper had to say about the mayor. In the paper, Rosemary tells Lee that they may have made the situation with Mike and the town worse with Lee’s editorial. Ned approaches Nathan again about his missing peaches. Nathan runs off. He is busy with other things.

Lucas drives Elizabeth home before he heads to see a lawyer about their oil company mess. Henry speaks with Fiona. He wants to start over with her. She was dropped into this oil mess and now they are all stuck. Bill speaks with May. She is concerned about Nathan. Bill brings up her husband but she insists she hasn’t married anymore. He doesn’t really believe her.

Elizabeth talks to Allie about the ice cream shop. Allie admits she threw ice cream at him out of jealousy after she learned he went on a bike ride with Angela. Elizabeth consoles her and tells her not to worry about boys and dating.

Nathan finds May and tells her she shouldn’t have shared her worries about him and his horse with Bill. He is mad he confided in her.

Bill sees Mike trying to get into his new office. He is a mess. His sign falls and he locks himself out. Bill tells Mike they need to take a walk. They walk the town as Bill gives him advice and allows everyone to see them talking so maybe they will trust Mike.

Elizabeth asks Joseph if he can build her a book wagon. She wants to travel into the hills to share books with people less fortunate.


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