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When Calls The Heart Season 8 Spoilers: Carson Loses Ring In What?! Faith Interrupts Messy Search

When Calls The Heart Season 8 Spoilers: Carson Loses Ring In What?! Faith Interrupts Messy SearchWhen Calls the Heart season 8, episode 11 spoilers reveal that fans have been waiting to find out who Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) chooses. However, a sneak peek shows we will get some chuckles courtesy of Carson Shepherd (Paul Greene). Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks) walks in on Carson as he’s wrist-deep in chocolate pudding. How does he explain this mess?

Always On Different Pages

WCTH season 8 spoilers reveal that most of the focus has been on Elizabeth’s love triangle. While choosing between Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) and Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) is a major storyline, there are other arcs. One includes the back-and-forth of Carson’s future. He was offered a huge opportunity but it means him leaving Hope Valley.

WCTH Season 8 Spoilers: Big Opportunity

Carson was offered a huge opportunity that would be amazing for his medical career. Not only that, but the Baltimore position gives him access to modern medications, treatments, supplies, and medical equipment. However, he turned it down because of Faith. She was not okay with that and didn’t want him missing out on a huge career boost because of her. She was also worried that one day he would regret and might even resent her. For Carson, his medical career is important. However, his relationship is valuable to him, as well.

Carson Shepherd’s Missing Ring

When Calls the Heart season 8 spoilers reveal that in episode 11, Carson will discover the ring is missing. He’s been carrying it around in his pocket for a month. Now that he’s about to pop the question, it vanishes. He scrambles around the cafe looking for it. He gets some help as everyone tries to find the missing ring. That is when they realize that it has to be in the giant bowl of chocolate pudding.

When Calls The Heart Season 8 Spoilers: Messy Search

If you are missing some of the classic humor that got fans hooked in the beginning, then this will be a scene you don’t want to miss. Carson prepares to dive into the pudding. He dunks both hands into the bowl and is wrist-deep in the chocolate pudding when Faith suddenly walks in. The look on Carson’s face is priceless as he scrambles to explain why he’s attacking the pudding. Faith is told that Carson really, really, really loves the recipe and just can’t get enough of it.

She’s not convinced and knows something weird is going on. However, she’s a bit afraid to find out the truth. Determining that it might be better to not know certain things, she leaves the room. However, is the ring really in the pudding? Or has Carson made a big mess for no reason?

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