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When Calls The Heart Spoilers: Daniel Lissing Open To Jack Thornton’s Return, How It Could Happen

Daniel LissingWhen Calls the Heart spoilers reveal that Jack Thornton died and that can’t ever be undone. However, actor Daniel Lissing admits that he is open to talking to show bosses about the character returning. If Jack does come back to the show, how could that happen? Find out what Lissing said and our theory on how Jack could come back without rewriting history.

When Calls The Heart Spoilers – Jack Thornton’s Death

WCTH spoilers reveal that fans were heartbroken and devastated by Jack’s sudden death. The character actually died and isn’t just presumed dead. At least, that is the story that fans were given. Fansided brought up the point that viewers didn’t see Jack actually die and his dead body was never shown. So, that does make it possible that maybe Jack had to disappear for some reason, perhaps to protect Elizabeth and Little Jack.

Even if Jack is confirmed to be dead, there are other ways that Jack could come back if that’s the route that the show bosses want to take.

WCTH Spoilers – Open To Returning

Even though it was Lissing’s decision to exit the show, he is also open to returning. A lot of fans still talk about Jack and are upset that he was killed off. It took Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) a lot of time to go through the grieving process. Elizabeth wasn’t just grieving for herself, though. Jack left behind his son, Little Jack Thornton, Jr. (Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor).

Even though Jack died in the show, Lissing admitted to Entertainment Tonight that he is open to discussing a possible return.

“I have been approached in casual ways from people that are involved with these projects like “let’s do something more, and I’m like how? If you can give me a good way to do it that makes sense then I’ll be open to listening. So who knows what will come, but I’ll just leave it at that.”

When Calls The Heart Spoilers – Guardian Angel For Son?

One way that Jack could come back is by providing guidance. Elizabeth has already moved on with Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally). So, she is past the point of needing her dead husband to guide her. However, Little Jack will never meet or remember his father. So, what if Jack shows up as Little Jack’s guardian angel from time to time?

Would you like to see Jack Thornton return? If he came back, would you like him to be confirmed to be alive, or prefer him in a more ghostly or dream-type role? Let us know what you think of Jack’s possible return in the comment section.

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  1. Guest says

    Definitely not as a ghost, that’s witchcraft.

  2. Guest says

    Bring Jack back for real and get rid of Lucas.

    1. the shipper says


  3. Guest says

    Daniel L chose to leave. He shouldn't come back. Love Lucas!

  4. Guest says

    He should come back so he and Elizabeth can be together with little Jack and be a happy family.

  5. Guest says

    I agree with Nopieh. Bring Jack back and get rid of Lucas.

  6. Guest says

    I would love to see Jack return alive. The writers should be able to come up with a storyline as to why he was missing.They should have lots of great stories to write about with the Thorton family. Of course it depends on what Daniel wants to do as well.

  7. Guest says

    The only way Jack alive would make sense is if he was involved in an intelligence mission gone sideways. Mounties were used in an Intel capacity during WWI.

  8. Guest says

    Definitely bring Jack back as himself. I am sure the writers can come up with a plausible solution.

  9. the shipper says

    We as fans hold power WE CAN GET JACK BACK ALIVE! it Broke my heart that Jack was killed off everyone I know agrees that the new male lead Lucas is not the right fit with Elizabeth. I still watch it but perhaps another twist should happen in the coming seasons revealing jack in fact is not dead at all stopping Lucas and Elisabeth’s marriage. Wouldn’t that be a twist uh Hallmark (good for ratings too), if Jack’s fanbase is still loyal (which it should be) I believe we as fans can convince a certain Daniel Lissing to maybe reconsider his position on not being in when calls the heart. So who is with me?!
    thank you for your consideration
    The shipper

  10. Rhianon says

    Sorry Lucas, but you are SO not right for Elizabeth. Yawn, Yawn, Yawn! Nathan should have at least won that contest!! BUT…… BRING JACK BACK!!!! Truly, madly, deeply, definitely, absolutely! Don’t really care how you do it, just do it. E.G. He may have been suffering from a bang on the head from the landslide, had amnesia all these years and living with a lovely friendly tribe somewhere (think Dances with Wolves). Then, they come to trade at Hope Valley, with Jack in tow …….. and he sees his horse!! Starts to remember stuff……… but, hey, you’re the script writers…..!!

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