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Lifetime Releasing First-Ever Sex Scene In A ‘Feel-Good’ Christmas Movie

Jana Kramer in A Cowboy Christmas Romance on Lifetime
Jana Kramer filming A Cowboy Christmas Romance [Image @kramergirl/Instagram]

A Cowboy Christmas Romance is a new holiday movie to be released by Lifetime and it is unique for its genre. While Hallmark Channel continues to be more inclusive, Lifetime is revealing its first-ever Christmas movie featuring a sex scene. Jana Kramer, who stars in the movie, was surprised that the network didn’t cut anything from the footage.

Jana Kramer in A Cowboy Christmas Romance on Lifetime

A Cowboy Christmas Romance is set to premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, December 9 and is unique for the feel-good movie genre. Jana Kramer and Adam Senn lead the movie and Jana spoke about it on her November 27 episode of her Whine Down podcast. She even dropped a major hint about her big scene with Adam, saying:

We’re on this – spoiler alert – he lays me down on some hay, and then we, you know … obviously it’s still Lifetime, it’s still family, but it’s pushing limits there, too.

About the Lifetime movie

Cast of A Cowboy Christmas Romance on Lifetime
Cast of A Cowboy Christmas Romance [Image @kramergirl/Instagram]

Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy) has written the movie that stars Jana as Lexie Crenshaw, a big-time real estate “closer.” In a common Christmas movie trope, she reluctantly returns to her Arizona hometown to convince a rancher (Senn) to give up his land. However, what happens isn’t real estate but a truly feel-good experience.

Drew featured in the podcast, where she defended the film’s overly passionate moments. “I put it all in there,” she says. “I was like, ‘Don’t take the steam and the sex away from me. I wrote it on purpose, I want it in there.’”

Ranch in A Bowboy Christmas Romance
Movie set [Image @kramergirl/Instagram]

Meanwhile, Kramer said that to her surprise, Lifetime “didn’t cut anything” from the movie and is “so happy” that the network left the whole scene in there.

What makes the scene remarkable is that Jana was pregnant while filming the movie. She said she did ask herself at one point in the filming, “How are we going to do this with the baby belly?” Naturally, movie magic came to her rescue and no baby bump was to be seen.

Meanwhile, Tia Maggini, Senior Vice President of Scripted Content on Lifetime, released a statement on Variety once Kramer and Drew’s comments aired online. She said:

We think that there’s an audience out there that’s hungry for grown-up romance, and we’re looking forward to adding some smolder to the usual holiday sugar and spice. We love trying new things, and we’re excited about this new ‘first’ for us for a holiday movie.

A Cowboy Christmas Romance premieres on Lifetime on Saturday, December 9 at 8 pm. Readers can enjoy a trailer for the movie here.

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