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Married at First Sight Spoilers: Michael Watson Can’t Keep Story Straight- Becomes Center Of Interrogation

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Michael Watson Can't Keep Story Straight- Becomes Center Of InterrogationMarried at First Sight (MAFS) Spoilers hint that Michael Watson will be caught not keeping up with his story. This will lead to him looking like a liar about something serious. How far is Michael willing to lie, and will he continue until the end of the show?

Married at First Sight Spoilers- History of Lying

As viewers know, Michael has a history of lying on the show; this started after his marriage to Meka Jones as she lets the truth out about something he said off of the camera. Since then, he has lied about where he worked and even lied about his new job. However, many of his lies have happened either off-camera or camera away from the other couples. This time the tables are turned on him as the other girls from other couples interrogate him about a story that does not make sense.

Married at First Sight Spoilers- Caught in a Lie by the Couple

In the episode that aired this week, Michael informs everyone that his uncle died and that he would be involved in the planning of the funeral. The next day of the couple’s retreat, Michael left with Brandon as he went to pick out flowers for the funeral. However, the couples were surprised by how late he came back and asked a series of questions where his answers changed each time.

This kept going until Taylor Dunklin finally called out him out on how unbelievable his story was. This made Meka happy to have everyone see what she has been going through ever since she entered the marriage. On the other hand, Michael was less than pleased to find out that everyone did not believe the story that he had come up with.

Based on Michael’s past actions, he will continue to lie about everything. His previous excuses about him not feeling comfortable around Meka and her not being vulnerable enough will not work any longer. This is because she has seen that he was willing to lie in front of the other couples as well. With the final episode approaching, will this couple end up together? What do you think? Will Michael continue to lie, and will Meka continue to try and make things work? Keep watching Married at First Sight on Lifetime Wednesdays to find out what happens next.

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